March 25th- Oops again.  I revisited
"The Show Must Not Go On"back on March 2nd and then meant to upload it after I'd proofread it.  And then I forgot...  So now it's up here.  Now I'm going to go finish another episode and we'll see how long it takes for me to upload that!

March 2nd- Oops.  So I updated
"Virtual Reality" clear back on July 16th of last year and then forgot to upload it.  So now I have!


July 4th- I feel like my attempts to update this have been cursed.  First, I got sick and couldn't focus.  Then my Internet connection kept crashing multiple times a day.  And then my FTP account ceased worked!  Thankfully, now I can upload my updated "The Good Earth" review... a couple weeks after I wrote it.

April 9th- Yay!  At long last, I'm back!  I added a bit more to the
"Song for My Father" review.


August 21st- I'm still trying to finish a story so this section continues to be on hiatus.  However, a visitor to the web site, Travis, had some insight into a few episodes.  At his request, I've added those comments to the following pages: "Tough Love," "Fallen Angela," "Fear Not!," "Sympathy for the Devil," "The Driver," "Reunion," "Operation Smile," "Unidentified Female," "Jacob's Ladder," "Out of the Darkness," "Portrait of Mrs. Campbell," "Flesh and Blood," "A Joyful Noise," "Sins of the Father," "Groundrush," "Something Blue," "The Homecoming, Part I," "The Homecoming, Part II," "Forget Me Not," "Smokescreen," "Great Expectations," "My Dinner with Andrew," "It Came Upon a Midnight Clear," "Deconstructing Harry," "The Trigger," "The Spirit of Liberty Moon," "The Man Upstairs," "Full Circle," "Black Like Monica," "For Such a Time as This," "Living the Rest of My Life," "The Empty Chair," "God Bless the Child," "Band of Angels," "Famous Last Words," "For All the Tea in China," "The Last Chapter," and "Minute by Minute."  Thanks, Travis! 

January 31st- Added to both
"And a Nightingale Sang" and "As It Is in Heaven."

January 10th- I updated "A Time for Every Purpose."


November 9th- "The Root of All Evil" has been updated.

November 2nd- I gave up on capping on my new puter which was keeping me from updating this and the Photo Gallery.  So I charged up my old laptop and updated "Private Eyes." 

July 22nd- Revisited "The Christmas Watch."

July 20th- I think it's been two weeks since I watched "Remembering Me, Part II" and I finally got it added.

June 28th- Lotsa updating this week, concluding with the "Remembering Me, Part I" entry being added to.

June 22nd- "Bring On the Rain" has been updated.

June 15th- Revisited "Jump!" on my new computer.  It went more or less okay...

June 6th- After this weekend I need to get serious with some home repairs but for now... I added a bit more to "A Feather on the Breath of God."

May 30th-
"The Word" marked my first episode review of the year!  Wow!  I don't think I'll be able to go back to updating here once a week yet.  But hopefully the next wait between updates won't be as long!


August 13th- Updated "Two Sides to Every Angel."  Getting a bit more sporadic with updates here.
July 26th- Updated my review of "The Sixteenth Minute"

July 21st- I'm back!  I added a lil bit to "A Rock and a Hard Place."  Season 9 has begun!

March 9th- Finished Season 8 (again!) with my "Forever Young" re-review.  Now I'm on hiatus til after Easter.  Have fun viewing!

March 2nd- My "For All the Tea in China" review has been updated.

February 23rd- Updated my "The Impossible Dream" review. 

February 16th- "The Bells of St. Peter's" review was updated.

February 9th- Revisited "Minute by Minute." 

February 3rd- Added a lil more to the "Hello, I Love You" review.

January 26th- I've added more to "The Princeless Bride."

January 20th- "Secrets and Lies" is updated a bit.

January 12th- Added a bit more to "The Blue Angel."  So that's done.  Yay.  Somehow managed to mess up the formatting on this page so now it looks a bit different.  Oh well.

January 5th- Reviewed "Ship-in-a-Bottle" again!

December 28th - I revisited "The Last Chapter."

December 25th - Merry Christmas!  Fittingly, I re-reviewed "A Winter Carol".

December 22nd - "Angels Anonymous" has been updated

December 15th - Revisited "When Sunny Gets Blue".

December 8th - My "Heaven's Portal" review has been added to and I'm on track to get to "Winter's Carol" by Christmas.  Yay!

November 30th - "Most Likely to Succeed" is updated.

November 24th - My "Chutzpah" and "Famous Last Words" reviews are updated.  Those episodes never get old.

November 17th - I re-reviewed "Manhunt."

November 10th - "The Birthday Present" review has been updated.

November 3rd - Added some more thoughts to "The Perfect Game." 

November 2nd - Started Season 8... again! "Holy of Holies" review is updated.

October 27th - My "Shallow Water 2" review has been updated.  Season 7 is finished... again.  ;-)

October 20th - Added a bit more to the "Shallow Water 1" review.

October 13th - Made it through "Netherlands" again!

October 12th - "The Face of God" review has been updated.  Mostly musings about cloning from yours truly.

October 6th - Revisited "The Sign of the Dove."  Fun!

September 29th - "Band of Angels" is updated.

September 28th - "The Penalty Box" has been updated.

September 22nd - I think just one episode this weekend and it's... "Visions of Thy Father."

September 15th -  I watched and re-reviewed "Bringer of Light" and "Thief of Hearts" and might not be stopping there!  Rainy weekend=TBAA binge.  Yep.  Got "Winners, Losers, and Leftovers" and "I Am an Angel" added, too.

September 8th -  Rewatched "Death in the Family."  Glad to see the scene with Andrew that THC cut.

September 3rd-  I snuck one last episode into my long weekend: "The Lord Moves in Mysterious Ways."

September 2nd -  Added some to "Mi Familia".

September 1st -  What better way to deal with the intense heat than revisiting "An Angel on My Tree"?

August 25th- Actually did two reviews in one weekend!  Revisited "The Grudge".

August 24th -  "Reasonable Doubt" has been re-reviewed.

August 20th -  Revisited "God Bless the Child".

August 11th -  Sigh...  Finally got to rewatch "The Empty Chair."

July 29th- Revisited "Finger of God" last night.

July 21st- Reviewed "Restoration" again.  Love it still! 

July 16th- Ranted more about "The Invitation."  :-)

July 14th- "The Face on the Bar Room Floor" and "Legacy" have been updated.

June 30th- My "Pandora's Box" review has been updated.  Onto Season 7!  So nice knowing Season 8 is on its way!

June 27th- Added a lil bit to "Mother's Day."

June 23rd -  "A Clown's Prayer" bits have been added.

June 16th -  More commentary on "Monica's Bad Day."  Apparently I think Monica needs to be nicer to cabbies...

June 9th -  Updated "Stealing Hope."

June 2nd- Added a few more thoughts to "Living the Rest of My Life."

May 27th- Playing some serious TBAA catch-up!  Added more to my reviews for "Bar Mitzvah" and "True Confessions."  And "Quality Time," too.

May 19th- So I took a little break and now am playing catch up.  I actually watched and reviewed "Here I Am" last weekend but am just now getting that uploaded.  It remains to be seen whether I'll do another today or not.  Writing!

April 28th- Updated "The Perfect Game."

April 24th- So my life's been a bit hectic and busy.  Thus, I'm off-schedule.  But I did finally get my additional thoughts on "Life Before Death" added.

April 14th- Took a while to get the "A House Divided" pics done so only just adding that along with "Buy Me a Rose."

March 30th- Now it's Spring!  :-)  "With God as My Witness" was updated.

March 24th- It snowed...  I watched TBAA, "The Christmas Gift" and "Millennium" to be exact.

March 17th- Happy St. Patrick's Day!  I added more to "Then Sings My Soul."

March 11th- The week started well... with a snow day!  So I watched a re-reviewed "The Whole Truth and Nothing But..."

March 10th- Rare two episode weekend!  Added "The Occupant" and "Voice of an Angel."

March 3rd- Added more to my write-up of "Til Death Do Us Part."

February 24th-  Added a bit more to "The Letter."

February 17th- Got to watch "The Last Day of the Rest of Your Life" with out a buncha scenes missing!  Yay!

February 10th- Now for "The Compass."

February 3rd- Moving along into the S6 DVDs with "For Such a Time as This." 

January 27th-  "Godspeed" is re-reviewed.  Now time to move onto S6!  Again.  :-)

January 21st- Rewatched and reviewed "Hearts."

January 11th-  Yay!  Relaxed a bit with "Fighting the Good Fight."

January 6th-  Added a bit to my review of "Black Like Monica."

January 2nd-  And "Full Circle," too!

January 1st-  "Made in the U.S.A." has been updated.  Happy new year!!!

December 29th- So nice to be back on track!  "Into the Fire" updated.

December 28th- I'm caught up!  "Jagged Edges" is where I had to stop re-watching and now I've updated it.  Time to move onto the next episode!

December 26th- I had to put this on hiatus during Christmas but am finally getting back to it.  I re-reviewed  "The Anatomy Lesson" shortly after Halloween and am just now adding it...

November 5th- Finally playing catch-up and updated "My Brother's Keeper," "On Edge," "The Man Upstairs," and "Family Business."

September 30th- Added thoughts to episodes "Psalm 151" through "The Medium and the Message."

September 11th- I've decided just to add several as I feel like it as opposed to one a week.  So this time I edited: "Beautiful Dreamer,"

"I Do," and "Wind Beneath My Wings."

August 19th- Added a few more comments to "Lady of the Lake."

August 17th-  Oops!  I added to my "Only Connect" review then forgot to upload it.  Now off to enjoy the next episode!

August 5th- Added some more to my "What are Friends For?" write-up.

July 29th- And I'm back!  I decided to revisit "Miles to Go Before I Sleep" when the Season 5 DVDs finally came out!  Also "Vengeance is Mine (aka Saving Grace) Part I" and Part II.

March 20th- Added "I Will Walk with You, Part II."  So ends my TBAA Episode Guide for JABB... or not.  I have a couple tricks up my sleeve.  But I'm taking my time with those.  So there will be at least a 2 more updates here but I'm just doing those as the mood strikes me and no sooner.

March 10th- Went into withdrawals whilst adding "I Will Walk with You, Part I."  No Andrew= No fair

March 4th- After a brief hiatus, I was able to watch and review "At the End of the Aisle."  Only two more...  Pretty ambivalent about next week's given there's no Andrew.  :-(

February 19th- I wasn't sure I'd be able to do one of these this weekend but I guess I shoulda known that when troubled I would go running to the same person I have for years to hear about the same God who is with us in the past, present, and future.  "The Show Must Go On" review is done.

February 12th- My write-up on "Virtual Reality" has been added.  Only 4 left...

February 5th- "The Good Earth" review has been added.  What a ride...

January 29th- "Song for My Father" is added.  Getting so close to the end...

January  22nd- "As It Is in Heaven," TBAA's 200th episode, has been added.

January 15th- Added "And a Nightingale Sang."

January 8th- I've added "A Time for Every Purpose."

January 2nd- "The Root of All Evil" has been added.  It was good to see Adam again!  And Andrew as always.  :-)  I loved seeing those two in the same episode.

December 26th- Added "Private Eyes."  I wish John had narrated more episodes!

December 18th- Tearfully added "The Christmas Watch."

December 10th- And now "Remembering Me, Part II" has been added.

December 4th- My review of "Remembering Me, Part I" has been added.

November 27th- "Bring On the Rain" has been added.

November 20th- Added "Jump!"  Was so tired when I wrote it... Hope it makes sense. 

November 13th- Sigh...  I added "A Feather on the Breath of God."

November 6th- "The Word" review has been added.

October 31st- Added "Two Sides to Every Angel."  Spooky.

October 23rd- My review of "The Sixteenth Minute" is up.  Love Andrew in that...

October 16th- I've now started the Season 9 section with "A Rock and a Hard Place."  What a weekend...  An amazing one.

October 8th- I have finished Season 8 with my "Forever Young" review.  Super excited to start S9... really dreading reaching the end of S9.

October 1st- My "For All the Tea in China" review is finished.

September 24th- Finished "The Impossible Dream" recap.  Only 2 S8 episodes left...

September 18th- "The Bells of St. Peter's" review is added.

September 11th- I finished my review of "Minute by Minute."  It really took on special significance this weekend.

September 4th- Thank goodness this is a three day weekend.  Else I wouldn't have finished my "Hello, I Love You" review.

August 28th- I've added "The Princeless Bride."

August 21st- "Secrets and Lies" review is up.

August 14th- Added "The Blue Angel."  Didn't love that one as much as "Ship."

August 6th- Reviewed "Ship-in-a-Bottle."  I'd forgotten how good it is.

July 30th - I finished reviewing "Last Chapter."

July 25th - My "A Winter Carol" review is now up.

July 17th - "Angels Anonymous" has been added.

July 9th - "When Sunny Gets Blue" is up.

July 2nd - My "Heaven's Portal" review is finished.

June 25th - "Most Likely to Succeed" is added.

June 18th - My weepy "Famous Last Words" write-up is done.  Gotta be able to laugh at one's self.

June 11th - My "Chutzpah" review is up.

June 5th - I reviewed "Manhunt."

May 29th - "The Birthday Present" review has been added.

May 21st - Well, since the Rapture didn't happen, I added "The Perfect Game."  Just like I knew I would be...

May 15th - I've started Season 8.  "Holy of Holies" review is up.

May 7th - My "Shallow Water 2" review is up.  Season 7 is finished...  I do not like this fact.

May 1st - Added "Shallow Water 1" review.

April 23rd - After some drama, I got "Netherlands" added. 

April 17th - "The Face of God" review has been added.

April 11th - Finally got "The Sign of the Dove" review up!

April 2nd - "Band of Angels" has been added.  Only one cut scene this time!  At least that I found.

March 26th - "The Penalty Box" review is now up.

March 19th - I've added "Visions of Thy Father."

March 12th - "I Am an Angel" is up with cut scenes already listed.  Lately I've been waiting til I have those to upload.

March 6th -  "Winners, Losers, and Leftovers" has been added.

February 26th -  My "Thief of Hearts" review is now up.

February 20th -  Added "Bringer of Light."

February 13th -  My review of "Death in the Family" has been added.  Warning: I've been weepy.

February 6th -  I added "The Lord Moves in Mysterious Ways."

January 30th -  "Mi Familia" is added.

January 22nd -  I just needed to keep busy today so I watched and reviewed "An Angel on My Tree."

January 16th -  I just really needed to get this review of "The Grudge" written...  This has just been an unbelievably sad week.

January 9th -  "Reasonable Doubt" has been added... with cut scenes already included.

January 2nd -  And the first episode of 2011 is... "God Bless the Child".

December 26th -  And the final episode of 2010 is... "The Empty Chair."

December 18th -  Now with "Finger of God"!

December 11th -  Added "Restoration."  Much happier experience this week!

December 4th -  Last night I wrote up "The Invitation" and finished this AM. 

November 27th -  "Legacy" is up.

November 20th -  And I've started Season 7's reviews with "The Face on the Bar Room Floor"!

November 14th -  Sob...  Now I really am 2/3 done with this.  "Pandora's Box" review is up thus ending S6...

November 8th -  A day late but "Mother's Day" is up.

October 31st -  Added "A Clown's Prayer."  I can't believe I only have 2 episodes left til S7...  I'm nearly 2/3 done...  On a happier note: Happy Halloween!

October 23rd -  Despite reservations, I watched and reviewed "Monica's Bad Day."  And it turned out well.  :-)

October 16th -  Added "Stealing Hope."

October 9th - Back on schedule!  Added "Living the Rest of My Life."

October 4th -  "Quality Time" is up.

September 25th -  Added "True Confessions."  Can't believe S6 is nearly over...

September 18th -  Watched and reviewed both versions of "Bar Mitzvah."

September 11th -  Reviewed "Here I Am."

September 4th -  Added "The Perfect Game."

August 28th -  Added "Life Before Death."

August 22nd -  Up went "Buy Me a Rose"!

August 15th -  Added "A House Divided."

August 9th - Thanks to a long weekend, I got "With God as My Witness" up.

July 31st -  Added "Millennium."

July 24th -  After taking a week off due to craziness, I wrote up "The Christmas Gift."

July 10th -  I reviewed "Then Sings My Soul."

July 4th -  Happy Independence Day!  Prior to my annual viewing of 1776, I watched and reviewed "The Whole Truth and Nothing But..."

June 26th -  I'm back!  So I reviewed "Voice of an Angel."

June 6th -  Added "The Occupant"... my last update for a couple weeks.

May 30th -  I got really into writing a review of "Til Death Do Us Part."

May 22nd -  Added "The Letter."

May 15th -  Added "The Last Day of the Rest of Your Life."

May 8th -  Added "The Compass."

May 1st -  Started Season 6 with "For Such a Time as This."

April 25th -  Reviewed "Godspeed" so Season 5 is now finished!

April 17th -  Once I pulled myself away from watching Andrew commanding a snake, I wrote up "Hearts."

April 11th -  Reviewed "Fighting the Good Fight."

April 3rd -  Added "Black Like Monica."

March 27th -  Wrote up "Full Circle."

March 21st - "Made in the U.S.A." has been added.

March 14th - Weekend was crazy but I did get "Into the Fire" added.  Thankfully...  I needed my fix.

March 7th - Added the wonderfulness that is "Jagged Edges."

February 27th - "The Anatomy Lesson" was added. 

February 20th - Got "Family Business" added... a day earlier than usual, even!

February 18th - I'm going back and adding a section called "Scenes Hallmark cut" to most S5 (and eventually beyond) episodes.  These are scenes that I noticed (or thought I noticed) that were either cut or altered from the original CBS versions.  With later Season 5 episodes, I tried to watch the CBS version within days of watching the Hallmark version so my catches would be more accurate.  With the earlier S5 episodes, sometimes weeks had passed between my viewing of the Hallmark version and the CBS version.  So my recollection could be shaky.  I have the DVDs of S1-4 and have never seen the Hallmark versions.  Hence, they won't have a "Scenes Hallmark cut" section unless someone else tells me something they noticed.  If a S5 or beyond episode does NOT have this section, it means I never watched the Hallmark version of that episode.

February 14th - Happy Valentine's Day!  I added "The Man Upstairs."

January 31st - Happy Dye Day!  I added "On Edge."

January 24th - Added "My Brother's Keeper."

January 17th - Added "The Medium and the Message."

January 10th - Just added "Fool for Love."

January 3rd - "The Peacemaker" review is up.

December 26th - Back in order with "Psalm 151."

December 20th - Skipped to "An Angel on the Roof" for Christmas.

December 13th - Added "Wind Beneath My Wings."

December 6th - Added "I Do."

November 28th - Added the very awesome "Beautiful Dreamer."

November 22nd - Added "Lady of the Lake."

November 15th - Snuck in "Only Connect" despite a hectic weekend!

November 8th - Added "What are Friends For?"

November 1st - "Vengeance is Mine Part II" added.

October 28th - Got "Vengeance is Mine Part I" reviewed.

October 10th - Added Joe's Return Part I and Part 2.

October 3rd - I'm finally getting to start with Season 5!  The first episode of that season that I've added is "Miles to Go Before I Sleep."

September 19th - "How Do You Spell Faith?" is up!

September 14th - "Venice" is added.

September 13th - Added "My Dinner with Andrew."  I took forever to write up.  I guess I had a lot to say...  Now I need to go eat dinner... without Andrew.

September 7th - I finished the third season with "A Delicate Balance."

September 6th - I added "Amazing Grace Part I"and "Part II."

August 30th - I added "Promised Land" and "Inherit the Wind."

August 23rd - Finally an Andrew episode!  I reviewed "Birthmarks."

August 16th - I added "Fallen Angela" and "Flesh and Blood."

August 9th - Two episodes in one weekend!  The second one being "Operation Smile."

August 8th - Just added "The Driver." 

July 19th - And now I'm down to a mere 13 with "Angels on the Air" now added.

June 28th - I'm running outta episodes...  With having just added "Groundrush" there are only 14 left!

June 21st - Added "Cassie's Choice."

June 14th - And now "Doodlebugs" has been added.

May 31st - This time it was my turn for "The Quality of Mercy."

May 17th - Added "Manny."  I only have 18 more DVD released episodes left to review.  Seriously, if you love TBAA please visit this link and consider sending some emails!  Thanks!

May 3rd - Added "Portrait of Mrs. Campbell" and for once wasn't in a complete hurry doing it!

April 26th - Decided to get another non-AOD episode done.  This time: "Tough Love."

April 19th - Thankfully, I finally got to watch an episode.  I had to pick an Andrew one cause, well, it was either that or I was gonna go on an Andrew-inspired shopping spree.  So here's me being fiscally responsible: "A Joyful Noise."

March 29th - And this week I went with an Adam episode: "Show Me the Way to Go Home."

March 22nd - As promised, an AOD episode.  Now you can read my thoughts on the lovely, not-quite-perfect Andrew on "Perfect Little Angel."
March 15th - Added "Out of the Darkness."  Next weekend I'm definitely watching an AOD episode!!!

March 8th - Added "The Big Bang."

March 1st - So I didn't have much time so I was gonna watch and write up a non-AOD episode since those usually are shorter reviews.  But I had to see Andrew so... I watched and reviewed "Jones Vs. God" since he's not in that terribly much.  But when he is?  Adorable...

February 22nd - I had the plague last weekend (at least it felt that way) and watched "The Journalist."  But since I already reviewed that I waited til this weekend to update with "Sympathy for the Devil."

February 8th - I added "The Heart of the Matter."  I missed TBAA last weekend!  Later I added "Angel of Death" because I missed Andrew specifically. 

January 25th - My review of "Forget Me Not" is now up.

January 19th - I added "The Hero."  Also, please do check out the DVD campaign page.  I added a banner leading to it to the top of the main Episode Guide page yesterday.  Later in the evening I added "The Spirit of Liberty Moon."

January 4th - I added "Trust" and Nicole added her review to the "Lost and Found" page.  Then Nicole and I both ended up reviewing "Cry and You Cry Alone" at the same time.  It's a lil eery...

December 28th - Yay, I finally had time to watch an episode and "Nothing but Net" was it!

December 14th - Yes, I got my Andrew episode in: "Last Dance."  Spoiler alert: I'm not exactly thrilled with this episode.  But Andrew in disco gear... that's thrilling!

December 13th - "There But for the Grace of God" has been added.  Later I added "Reunion."  I'm saving an Andrew episode... or two... for tomorrow.  I have 16 non-Andrew ones left (4 of which at least involve either Adam or Henry) and 21 Andrew ones.  Then... need those other DVDs!!!  Ooh and then even later Nicole added "The Quality of Mercy."

December 7th - With less than 40 episodes left, I only added "Have You Seen Me?" this weekend.  I want those S5 DVDs!!!

December 3rd - I was home sick today.  So when I felt up to sitting at the computer, I added "Interview with an Angel" and "Statute of Limitations."

November 30th - Yep, it worked out.  Just added "The Violin Lesson."

November 29th - It what I hope will be the start of a weekend long TBAA Christmas episode marathon, I added "Fear Not!"  Later I added "The Feather."  And still later I got "It Came Upon a Midnight Clear" added thus completely the Christmas with Wayne and Joey trilogy.  Hopefully tomorrow "The Violin Lesson" will work out.

November 23rd - I added "An Unexpected Snow" and "An Angel By Any Other Name" cause I needed my Adam and Andrew fix.

November 16th - With Season 5 DVDs still unaccounted for, I'm trying to not rush through the other 4 seasons here.  So my second and final episode for this weekend was "Dear God."

November 15th - Added "Indigo Angel."

November 11th - Sigh...  Last day of vacation.  But at least I'm ending it on an Andrewiffic note.  Just added "'Til We Meet Again."  Later came "Jacob's Ladder" and "God and Country."  I also made this page linkable which I shoulda done before and added an explanatory note I'd been meaning to for a while.

November 10th - Both parts of "The Homecoming" have been added.

November 8th - Added "Sandcastles."  Poor, poor Andrew...  Poor, poor me for reading angst and neglect into everything he says and then feeling wrecked.

November 7th - I had a great time reviewing "Missing in Action."

November 2nd - I reviewed "At Risk."

November 1st - I've added "Secret Service."  And this evening I added "The Southbound Bus."  I've decided that when I can't decide which episode to watch, I'll just start at the beginning.

October 26th - I just barely snuck "Redeeming Love" into this hectic weekend.

October 25th - "Sins of the Father" added today.

October 24th - I added "In the Name of God," the first Season 1 episode to get onto the Episode Guide.

October 21st - I have a bad feeling this will be a very long week.  So I wanted to get in some TBAA while I could.  And since I was already a lil riled, I went with "Rock n Roll Dad."

October 19th - My DVD player decided I needed to watch "Deconstructing Harry" so I did.

October 18th - Too lazy to switch to a different DVD so I watched and then added "Charades."  Later came "The Trigger."

October 17th - Got theatrically nostalgic and added "The Comeback."

October 12th - Added "Into the Light."  And then "The Journalist."  You can imagine how thrilling that was...  I love him.

October 11th - It seems like it's been way more than a week and a half since I got to watch TBAA.  I'm making up for it this weekend!  Thus far I added "Unidentified Female" and "Smokescreen."

October 1st -  Tonight I added "Labor of Love."

September 30th - "Written in Dust" and "Elijah" have been added.

September 29th - "Lost and Found" has been added.

September 28th - My comments and questions about "The Pact" are up.  Later I decided to get a start on Season Two and added "The One That Got Away."

September 22nd - "Great Expectations" got its turn.

September 21st - I had way too much fun adding "Seek and Ye Shall Find."  Word of the day: smoldering.

September 20th - I covered "Last Call" for Andrew's birthday!

September 18th - "Full Moon" was added.

September 15th - I watched and wrote about "The Sky is Falling."

September 13th - "Something Blue" and "Random Acts" became my episodes for this weekend!

September 10th - I added "Crisis of Faith."

September 8th - "Clipped Wings" becomes the fourth episode to be covered here.

September 7th - I added my thoughts on "Flights of Angels."

September 1st, 2008 - I began the episode guide with my thoughts on "Children of the Night" and then "Breaking Bread."


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