"Nothing but Net"

A review by Jenni:

What I love about this episode:
TBAA doesn't make me laugh out loud very often but this remark from Tess to Ruth totally did: "Baby, you were doing paperwork before there was paper!"  And it made Andrew laugh out loud, too, which is a great thing!

I like the episodes that show how lil things can turn into big things.  Here Ruth prevents a man from catching EZ's jersey and it sets off this huge chain reaction.  I dunno why but I like thinking about that kinda stuff.  It should probly make me paranoid but it doesn't. 

If I saw that EZ shoe commercial outta context, I'd totally think it was real.  Kudos to the writers and the actor for getting that down cold.

I love Sam's diatribe about the misconception that "being good means being boring."  Cause I've heard stuff like that so often.  The idea really is all over the place.  I've never been the type to like the "bad boy."  I don't think villains are more interesting than heroes.  I think villains just may do more interesting things, but the heroes inner turmoil and all that... I find that most interesting.  Andrew's good and he definitely ain't boring to me.  Just had to say that in case this web site didn't already make it abundantly clear.  ;-)

I appreciate Sam as a whole in this.  He keeps everyone together really well.  It makes me wonder what the show mighta been like had he made more appearances. 

I really like Rafael in this episode.  I like how he's introduced.  I *love* his revelation scene to Darnell.  From the "I know you" section where he describes the boy's life in such detail to his use of "little brother" and the way he stresses the word "love" when he tells Darnell God loves him... it's awesome!  Very well written and well acted by Alexis Cruz.  Unfortunately, it just makes me more disappointed in some of his remarks in later episodes. 

I loved the scoreboard lighting up with "God loves you!" for Ruth, Darnell, and EZ to see.  Very nice touch.

What I didn't love about this episode:
I think I found a pretty good example of Monica thinking she's got it so much more together than everyone else.  When Sam's talking about how Darnell is going to perceive his interaction with EZ, Monica says "Sam, every child is special!"  And Sam, God love him, responds with "Well, of course they are!" and doesn't make an issue outta her daring to think he'd actually not believe and know that.  I'm afraid my sarcastic response woulda been "Really, Monica?  In all my years as an angel telling people, including children, God loves them I just never grasped that.  Thank you soooo much for setting me straight.  Boy, do I ever feel like a jerk or what?"

I like Ruth well enough but do wish she'd taken it down a few notches in this.  She seems to weird people out...  Kinda reminds me of a more prolonged version of Andrew just a lil too cloyingly greeting Susan in TOTGA. 

While I like Rafael here as a whole, his remark that "I'm not as nice [as Monica], either" points a lil too strongly to his "Sleazy"remark in "Children of the Night."  Cause that was definitely NOT nice.

Lingering questions:
I'm a little confused about what Andrew's role was here in relation to Monica.  At the start he's filling her in about EZ, much like Tess would.  So was he doing that as a sorta junior supervisor or was he just sharing what he knew as any sports fan might?

Sam is with Special Forces in this, according to Andrew who asks "What makes this a Special Forces case?"  Previously he's described by Monica as being with Special Services.  Don't you think that's probly the same thing just with a couple different names?  Or no? 

What's up with this at the end: "The character Eric 'EZ' Mony portrayed in this program is completely fictional.  Any rememblance to any real person is purely coincidental."  Why do you spose they felt it necessary to put that in?  I wonder if someone actually thought it was them.  Cause they've certainly done other episodes that seem realistic and involve characters who are famous ("Charades," "The Comeback") yet I don't think they get that disclaimer.  Interesting...

Parts that made me feel swoony:
I think it's cute when Andrew complains about the angels' seats at the game and wonders why they couldn't do better since they have "connections."  I'm glad that later he got better seats.  :-)

I think it's nice that Andrew defended the ref after Ruth was bagging on him.  However... I couldn't help but think "You can defend others when they get slighted!  Why can't you defend yourself?"  Sigh... poor, lovely Andrew.

Andrew's initial interaction with EZ is awesome.  He doesn't take any of his I'm-so-great crap, sees right through it, and he's persistent and won't leave until EZ speaks to him.  Then when he does acknowledge him, Andrew makes it darn clear that he knows how EZ thinks and ain't impressed.  It's... studly.  Sorry, that's the best word I could think of.   That being said...

I'm a little concerned about the prospect of Andrew ghostwriting a book about EZ's life.  I'm just thinking EZ's probly done some things I don't want our Angel Boy having to listen to him gloat about.  Yeah, I know Andrew's hardly a sheltered person and it's like Ruth said: she was in ancient Rome, nothing shocks her.  I'm sure Andrew's the same.  But still...  I wanna protect him.  Sigh...

The smile Andrew gives the announcers as he passes them before the game EZ is supposed to shave points on...  I dunno.  There's just something about it that made me especially happy.

The man has amazing eye brows.  During his revelation to EZ I just kept staring at them.  They're so darn expressive!  I love them... and him as a whole.

When he tells EZ "You live, Eric, you live"... I dunno.  I just love how he says it.  Gah, there's so much about Andrew I can't explain when it comes to why a particular thing he does or says appeals to me.

Random thoughts:
I'm so sports clueless.  I don't think I realized until I saw the touched.com episode guide that a couple of EZ's teammates were actual players and that the Saints is an actual team.

When Ruth counters Andrew's defense of the referee, she says "That's what fans do."  I couldn't help but feel a lil implicated.  Cause while I think I have some genuine complaints against Monica, I may go overboard at times.  Cause I'm an Andrew fan.  But, like I said, *at times.*  I think I and others like me have good reason to make some of our complaints.

Confession: I had to look up the word "wrongest" after Sam used it.  I couldn't remember if it was "wrongest" or "most wrong."  I shoulda known Sam would be right.

I'm not sure what I think about how sensitive celebrities, like sports stars, should be to the public's perception of them as role models.  I know I think *everyone* should strive to be decent, respectful people but a part of me agrees with EZ that parents need to be responsible for their kids, not him.  Yet... I am disgusted by gloating celebs.  I dunno.  Something interesting to sort out some other time when I'm not waiting for Andrew to show back up!  ;-)

Ruth says she used to be in Files and Records.  I'm not sure if I have that down yet as an angel field of work.  So there it is.

This episode is the second time a basketball turns into a dove, I think.  Doesn't "Crisis of Faith" end with that, too?

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