"Secret Service"

A review by Jenni:

I chose to start the weekend with this episode since it is now (thankfully!) the final weekend before Election Day.  I am so psyched not just to vote but to also have my mailbox not be clogged with political junk.  Yay!

What I love about this episode:

I like all the talk in this episode about the point of fishing.  No matter the point, I'm not a huge fan of fishing.  But if I were to go fishing, I'd much rather just sit by a lake and NOT have any fish bite.  So I agree with Tess and Ulysses' views.

I like the dynamics between Monica and Marty.  Just makes you think about how far we've come as women but how we need to build each other up, not tear each other down.  Course, same thing applies to the guys.  They shouldn't be tearing each other
down, either.  Just wanted that clear.

Andrew is consistently adorable through out this episode.  Elaboration later.

I am a sucker for shows and movies about unconventional families so I love the relationship between Ulysses and Marty.  I think it's awesome how he not only helps Marty put her father's coldness and disrespect behind her but actually becomes the sort of father she should have had.  When he tells her to celebrate life, not achievements, it was like God was using him to repair all that Marty's father broke in her.  And then when he so light-heartedly and unselfishly tells her he's lived his life and she needs to pursue her dream even if it costs him that life... that's the best kind of father.  I'm glad Marty found him and I hope she continued to make peace with her father's behavior.

Speaking of Marty's father, this episode made me grateful that I had family members who took me fishing, tried to teach me to swing a bat, etc.  I may not have really gotten into any of that and do prefer the more stereotypical girl things but it was nice that I had the chance to try all of that.  There's still some sexism shown by some members of my family but nothing like that throwback Marty had to deal with growing up.

I think it's amazing how current this episode seems 12 years later.  When Hammond's attacker rants about jobs being given to foreigners... when did I last hear that?  Right, it was this morning.  I love that TBAA can still seem new at times.

I love Monica's quote about how God made us *all* in His own image.  It's a good thing to remember.  Especially during election years when people are sniping at each other...

Unlike Andrew, I'm glad Ulysses doesn't learn that Marty was his anonymous kidney donor.  Imagine how indebted he'd feel.  I'm just not sure that relationship woulda been as balanced had that came out.

What I didn't love about this episode:
I'd be bummed in this episode if I were Monica.  She has such a lovely rose print dress with a really cute shrug and then she needs to trade it in for a boring suit.  Blah.  I'm glad I'm not a secret service agent!

I'm surprised Andrew doesn't get the whole fishing for the sake of fishing thing.  Seems a lil dense.  But Monica and Tess musta clued him in as Tess suggests at the end.  Cause while my memory of "Lady of the Lake" is shaky, I think in that he's totally Mr. Fish for the Sake of Fishing.

Lingering questions:
How do you think angels feel about politics?  Do they have preferred candidates ever?  In the TBAA-verse do you think they could vote?  Because if they could get called for jury duty then I would think they could on a legal level.  But I'm not sure God would go for that.  Cause they're not actually citizens of any government.  At the same time, they would be pretty heavily impacted by the politics of a given area so you'd think they'd have opinions and even want a say.  Hmm.

Parts that made me feel swoony:
I think Andrew's especially cute here.  My first giggly/swoony moment comes when he teases Monica saying "Oh, I work for you?"  And it's also nice in that scene when he tells her she's "lookin' good."  And before any lurking shippers think they have a convert or evidence to back-up their cause terrible... let's remember that Andrew seemed pretty impressed by Adam's beard in "Sign."    So... let's just agree that compliments and appreciation from Andrew do not a romantic relationship make.  I thought the lil compliment and the faux-indignation with Monica was super-cute in a completely asexual, platonic way.

Andrew seems to have nervous hands or something.  Here he, for reasons unknown, has a football during a meeting that he just taps and bounces from hand to hand.  Why?  I wanna know cause it could be a really cute personality tick.  Or maybe it is a sign of nerves in which case... someone help him!  I'd be happy to volunteer but there is a TV screen in my way.  Regardless, Andrew with a football is boyishly cute.

Andrew informing Monica that it is "very scary" that someone guarding the would-be president also converses with Mr. Machine is very goofily cute.  I want an Andrew by my office vending machine...

It needs to be said: I love gentle, loving, warm and cuddly Andrew.  That being said... Andrew getting a would-be assassin to the ground and cuffing him... it does make one's heart race a bit.  So I guess I also like strong, tough and protective Andrew.

But when Andrew shows up in his AOD white suit... it's a welcome return.  I love how he just sits by Ulysses.  It's comforting to think the dying are never alone.

At one point when the trio are fishing at the end it looks like Andrew is looking right at the camera.  Eeeee!!!  He sees us!!!  ;-)

Random thoughts:
It's really hard for me to watch this episode and not think of Seinfeld.  The actress who plays Marty was George's fiancée who died of envelope glue poisoning.

I got really thrilled about 10 minutes into this episode because my coffee arrived!  I order it online and kept forgetting to do that.  So I was down to my last lil bit and was really sweating it.  But then the mail lady showed up right then.  So I spent part of this episode gleefully unpacking Dean's Beans French Vanilla Kiss Whole Bean.  Coffee: the TBAA legacy that keeps on giving.

Tess' and Ulysses' comment that it's "funny how two people can see the same thing so differently" makes me think of "The Journalist."  Grrr, Monica.  I should probly point out that I don't actually growl at my TV screen... usually.

St. Andrew was a fisherman so seeing Andrew with a fishing pole makes me think of him.  And it's a lil weird.

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