"How Do You Spell Faith?"

A review by Jenni:
The next time I add one of these reviews... it'll be for Season 5!!!  Yay!  Anyhow, this is one of the reviews I'm writing at the puter as I watch.  While drinking chai.  Which maybe explains some loopiness.

What I love about this episode:
First off, I like reading about and reflecting on family dynamics.  So I find this episode interesting.  What's really interesting for me is this episode doesn't at all follow the typical first born, second born stereotypes.  Usually it's the firstborn having to do stuff to help with the firstborn.  Here Aaron is held responsible for some of Michael's needs, like the groceries.

I like the discussion between Michael and Aaron and how they both wish they had the other's ability.  It makes a person reflect on what gifts they do have and how someone who has one we admire might wish they had one we possess.

"You speak and you give birth to your thoughts.  And you send them out into the universe and suddenly they have power.  'In the beginning there was the Word.'"  That's a wonderful line from Monica.  I love the metaphor of speaking as giving birth.  I would say the same of writing.

I definitely like that this takes a turn midway and becomes a true Andrew episode!

As someone who was once delivered from a bad situation by a friendly cabbie who offered good counsel... I like that TBAA made Andrew a counselor/cabbie in this.

I gotta give TBAA credit for bringing up something that's uncomfortable: sometimes parents just don't really click with a kid and vice versa.  That doesn't mean love isn't there.  But it can be pretty sad, nonetheless.

Beautiful scene of Aaron's mom speaking to him while he's in the tree house and she's on the ground.  Who doesn't want to hear their parents say they're real proud of who we are?

I love that Andrew comes through to Aaron via his radio.  How awesome is it that angels would come to us in a way we need/want even if it's not their usual mode?

This episode makes me think of why I loved this show so much.  Hearing "God loves you" was great.  But I was told that ever since I was little.  That's definitely a blessing but it did kinda make me less enthralled, maybe, than some others.  It wasn't new.  Along with that message of God's love I heard during my childhood, we were also taught the idea that God wants us to share love, hence He created us not in isolation but communities.  TBAA really opened my eyes to a new community: angels.  I always believed in angels but never really thought of them as particularly emotional.  Not prone to feelings of attachment other than to God.  So thinking they care about us, would choose to spend time with us and not just cause they're ordered to... that's pretty amazing.

What I didn't love about this episode:
It kinda makes me feel stupid.  I have no idea how to spell loquaciousness and am pretty sure I didn't know what it meant before I saw this the first time.  Hey, whadya know?!  I only got one letter off.  I had "loquasciousness" previous to spell check.

I have to say... I find it a little unbelievable that the mother doesn't know words like "mitigating."  But then language is pretty fluid.   What gets used often in one part of the country may be rare in another.

I always kinda think it looks like Andrew's mouthing the correct spelling at the end!  It's sweet but doesn't look quite right.  But it gives me the giggles so I definitely don't hate it.

Lingering questions:
Tess is talking about how people can hide behind words.  I know she's talking about Aaron but it made me wonder... do I do that?  I tend to write stories to cope with feelings.  At what point does that stop being cheap therapy and start being a crutch or, as Tess said, something one hides behind?

Do those radios like Aaron has even work any more with things having gone digital now? 

Parts that made me feel swoony:
Okay, so I really hate it when Andrew has that... I don't know what to call it... look.  It's not exactly guilty but a little too close to that.  Like the "Believe me, Monica, I wish I wasn't here, either..." look.  It makes me feel badly for him.  You can see it when he's in the back of the car Aaron's in.

Andrew looks darn cute leaning against that cab.  I would definitely get in...  And let's all just hope there are no violent maniacs who look like Andrew.

He's so lovely with children.  Are we absolutely sure babies don't come from the cabbage patch?  Cause then Andrew could just go pick one...  I just think it's great how he gets down to Aaron's level.  And when he says "Don't lose yourself!" with such meaning... And that look he gives as Aaron walks away... so compassionate.  And then when they walk back to the cab together and Andrew puts his arm around Aaron... is it bad that for just a moment I wish they were father and son?

Andrew's shirt when he's in Aaron's tree house reminds me of his "prayer on the stairs" shirt from "The Journalist."  So I'm flashing back to that AND he's comforting a distraught child.  Yes, I'm moved.  I really needed to hear tonight what he's saying about how people can let ya down but God never will.  Frankly, everything he says here is beautiful.  I want to type out the whole scene but won't.  "To him you are His beautiful child" will have to suffice.

And then they hug and Andrew seems like an awesome hugger.

I love that Andrew asked permission to go to the spelling bee with Aaron.  Just proof that he doesn't just do the bare minimum with his job then forget about it all once his assignment is over.

I love how expressive he is and nervous seeming during the bee!

Random thoughts:
The part where the principal and Tess come for Aaron after Michael dies makes me think of when my Grandpa died.  The first one.  I was paged to the office and my parents were waiting.  I don't even remember them saying anything.  I'm sure they did.  But I just knew.  School is a sucky place to be at those times.  At least for some of us.

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