"Remembering Me, Part II"

A review by Jenni:

This week was much, much calmer for me.  Well, barring a spat of vertigo.  So here's hoping I don't get completely weepy this time around.  Also... big news... I am not drinking chai.  Or coffee.  Or really much caffeine at all.  Just cocoa.  I just really think I need to try to get more sleep so... we shall see.

What I love about this episode:
Once again, it's Gloria who asks after Andrew.  Maybe I do like her...  ;-)

I'm not crazy about flashbacks to previous episodes as I feel cheated outta new scenes but... I do like George's "You don't get over it, you just get on with it" quote so much that I don't mind hearing it again.  It's a quote that has become even more true to me the older I've gotten.

Yay, Gabriel!  And so lovely and polite and humble.  I love what he says about Tess, too.  "Her music left her but God never will.  He speaks to her spirit and she knows His voice."  As hard as it would be to replace Tess... I'd rather like him as my supervisor.  And I like that he reminds Monica that she works for God... not Tess.

I'm glad they finally gave Jacob a proper name.

"Everything is connected."  I love that simple quote from Gabe.

"Life is not fair sometimes but God always is."  From Monica to Kevin.  This episode has some beautiful lines.  I just wish the plot measured up...

That "bad things happen" scene with Phil is more hard hitting the older I get... 

"There are no coincidences with God... all of this is somehow connected."  Monica again.  Another thing about getting older... you really do start to believe that.

Monica's outfit when Kevin and Jacob are singing "Hand It Over" is super awesomely groovy.  Especially those jeans.

"Sometimes God asks us to do things that seem impossible, that go against everything we feel is right.  But He promises, if we trust Him, that it all will be okay."  Yep, Monica again. 

I think Monica advising Kevin to let go of Nathan borders on being irresponsible.  (Admission: I have personal
baggage attached to the whole parents abandoning their children then returning subject.  I go into that more in the next section.)  However, out of context this is a really nice quote: "Letting go doesn't mean that what we want has been taken away from us.  It means that we trust God to do what is best.  If we can hand it over, God promises that He will open all the windows in Heaven for us and pour out a blessing so great that there isn't enough room to take it in."

Kevin's prayer thanking God for the years he had Nathan made me tear up.  And then saying he's ready if God ever chooses to give him back... Wow.  Great performance. 

I do like that Kevin ends up playing the angel role.  Nice to see that flipped.

Nice to see Tess back.  And this... "We all get lost in the darkness sometimes, baby.  Even angels.  And when you're so lost no one can find you... even those who love you the most... God can.  And He's lighting a candle for you.  And He's preparing a place so you can be with Him."  That made me really cry.  So beautiful...

Truly, I could have done without the Hannah plot which just grates on my nerves.  But... to paraphrase Tess... it's all been worth it for Ruth.  I really love that it all came down to Tess helping that woman who was really struggling with Alzheimer's.  And Ruth's response... priceless. 

I also love that Tess assures Monica she heard every word.  I hope there are a lot of scenes like that in Heaven.  I'm sure there are.

What I didn't love about this episode:
As I mentioned last week, I'm just not crazy about how in its final season TBAA revisited past assignments and, really, pretty much just made their lives miserable.  Granted, everything turns out all right-ish.  But wouldn't you really rather believe Kevin contentedly raised his baby and Wayne and Joey were still comfy in their old town and Audrey found happiness sooner rather than later?

Having worked with foster kids and seeing negligent parents reunited with them... at least once with an absolutely tragic result... I have a really hard time being sympathetic to Hannah.  You don't just get to be a parent when you feel like it.  You don't get to take years off to get your life together and then waltz back in.  Her justifications for
her actions are pathetic.  There was no hospital with people present?  No police station?  No fire department?  No church?  I might want a kid in 7 years but I don't want one now so maybe I'll just get pregnant, leave the baby somewhere, and then come back when I'm ready!  It's the perfect plan... if you're selfish.  And Hannah being snippy about Monica being Kevin's friend is ludicrous.  As is her insistence Nathan is Danny.  This woman needs to clue in.

Lingering questions:

I wonder how much time is supposed to have passed between the first and second part?

I'm really not sure what message the writer is wanting us to take from Monica letting go of Tess...  I understand that Monica was focusing too much on Tess but... for the rest of us I don't know that letting go of our sick is really the message to be sending.  I just wonder... had Tess not come around soon after... what would that "letting go" have looked like?

Parts that made me feel swoony:
Andrew holding out his hand to stop Nathan from running into the street is the only shot from this episode I clearly remembered all these years later.  Of course it would be an Andrew shot.  ;-)

I love that Andrew wore lotsa green in these episodes.  John looked especially stunning in green.

Oh, yay, he's back.  Was starting to get panicky...  I especially miss Andrew in episodes that otherwise don't intrigue me.  He makes everything better...

Lovely boy gave me a much needed laugh with his "Yeah... I was there" and the look when Gloria is telling him about Monica going blind.  Duh.  Apparently her research wasn't very thorough. 

When Tess is telling Ruth about another angel coming to take her to "where the light never fades"... I think about John.  And wonder if maybe those lines will be true for someone, some day.

Random thoughts:

Music: Tess is singing "This Little Light of Mine" at the start.  It's really sad...  You can hear Keb' Mo's "Just Like You" during one of the "Inherit the Wind" flashbacks.  As Gloria plays on the piano, the people at the retirement home sing "A Bicycle Built for Two."  In another flashback we have Tess and Jacob singing "Hand It Over."  Then he sings it solo in Tess' room in the present.  Jacob and Kevin also sing "Hand It Over" in Tess' room.

Joseph Wells is in Texas.  Would not have guessed that.

Scenes Hallmark cut:
- The "Previously on Touched by an Angel" scenes at the start were cut.  So hopefully that means THC cut less of the actual show.  They were really quite lengthy.

- As with previous clip shows, I will not be able to tell if flashback scenes were shortened.  My memory just doesn't seem to work that way.  And as I didn't notice any cut scenes... I'm thinking maybe this was the case.  Unless the preview scenes were it.

Further on down the road...
Okay, I'll be honest.  I've been putting off watching this episode.  If it weren't for doing these, I'd probably skip it.  Between plot elements that annoy me (Hannah) and Phil flashbacks (permanently damaged), this is right up there with the finale for me as far as being the least fun to rewatch.  So it's a Monday morning and I'm already nervous about some stuff happening this week so... piling on, I guess!  Ha!

Still love that line from George...

When did they change the opening credits font?

Gosh...  I forgot the flashbacks were sooo extensive. 

I don't think modern day Andrew would be cool with this assignment.  If Belle's birth mom came waltzing back with some sob story... too bad!  Being a nice person who is good with Alzheimer's patients really doesn't excuse leaving your kid for dead.  I can accept that Hannah made things right with God but that doesn't mean humanity has to give her what she wants.

Yay, Gabe!  Funny-sad story about him.  I was thinking of who I could mentally recast Phil as and my first thought was "Ossie Davis!"  And then I was like... wait.  Mr. Davis already has two roles in the TBAA realm so...  Nope.  Although...  I could just tell myself that it was Gabe the whole time.  Taking away the being directionally challenged, Gabe could handle the role just as well.

I can totally understand Monica's distress but how cool to have a saint and archangel and biblical persona as your supervisor!

Sigh...  Even the way Hannah handles her claim is ridiculous and awful.  She waits until THE day... the moment... with that little boy excitedly awaiting the decree that he's adopted?  Honestly, she's an awful, selfish person.  I don't understand why the TBAA writers thought this was remotely okay.  You don't get 7 years to decide whether or not you want to be a parent.  Unless Hannah is divine (nope), she can't have *known* her baby would be found. 

Anyone else troubled by Kevin being open to co-parenting without any evidence that Hannah even can parent?

When Gloria is listing off the litany of things that happened to Monica, I can't help but think that, in later years, Andrew had to face a lot, too... 

Tess' closing words to Ruth are beautiful.  That's the one plot element in this episode that I really liked. 

Aww, Andrew's hug looks so nice...  Sigh...

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