"Joe's Return aka The Road Home Part II"

A review by Jenni:

What I love about this episode:
I don't know if I've said this before but I really like Erasmus.  He's kinda like the patriarch, even though he's not even really
related.  Kudos to him when he backs Russell up during the "turn Joe in or not" debate.  He really steps up to the plate numerous times for these people even though he has no obligation to them.  Very moral character, IMO.

Faith Hill's "When You Cry" is a beautiful song and takes me back to the idyllic days of TBAA's heyday.  And, yeah, I know those days weren't really idyllic but I get nostalgic.

The Greenes are really strong people, maybe especially Claire.  I feel bad for her cause she just had to face losing Nathaniel at the end of Season 1 of PL and here he's temporarily lost again!  I spose her loss hits me most cause I was really moved by the PL episode in which it's revealed she had a miscarriage and then asks Nathaniel to be her little boy.

I also generally like Russell and was particularly encouraged by his statements about responsibility and Joe not being able to blame the war for everything.  Too many people consistently blame their issues on everything but themselves.

I find the scene where Dinah asks Josh about their future and he assures her that "I'd never let anything bad happen to you" to be really touching.  Can't say I had heartfelt discussions like that with my siblings growing up.  There's still time!

I've really liked this quote from Erasmus for a long time: "I did what I always do when I have a problem and no answers. I went
into my room, closed the door, turned off the lights and asked the Almighty for guidance."

Very sweet when Tess gives Russell a hug.  He really needed it the way his mom was acting...

I like when Russell tells Joe, who is searching for answers, that "I don't even have all the questions."  Boy, can I relate to that!

What I didn't love about this episode:
In Part 1, I had a lot of respect for Hattie.  Sad to say, that pretty much evaporated in this.  I know I can't even begin to feel what she does.  To know your child killed two people must be awful and then to face separation from them, as well...  With out having ever experienced motherhood, let alone that part of it, I can only try to sympathize and I do.  However... I cannot get over how she treats Russell!  First, not wanting him to turn in Joe cause Joe feels bad about what he did.  I'm sure lots of criminals later feel remorse!  That doesn't mean we allow them to run around with out any sort of punishment!

Second, when Hattie begins to see that Mrs. Mills is upset by the news that Joe caused the accident WHY does she go onto stress that Joe saved her son???  Yes, Joe could have gone along his way and got off free and clear.  But I don't think the mother of a deceased child and a widow really is gonna be for applauding his selflessness in that instance!  If Joe had been less selfish earlier, her family would be intact.

Third, how dare she give Russell the cold shoulder for not putting his family's home on the line for Joe?!?!  How could she do that to her grandkids?!?!  Poor Russell.  He might have out firstborned Andrew in this episode.

Lingering questions:
I have to wonder... what do the people that may have just discovered TBAA thanks to the DVDs think about these crossovers?  Chances are they didn't watch PL so they only know the Greenes from these episodes.  I would think that would be kinda weird and you'd feel a bit clueless.  Too bad PL isn't also on DVD.  Too bad all of TBAA isn't on DVD...

Parts that made me feel swoony:
No Andrew.  Sob!  But I did briefly think of him when I was pondering Russell's firstborn status... and also the fact that Russell in flannel does not have the same effect on me as Andrew in flannel does.

Random thoughts:
None that I can think of!  That seldom happens!

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