A review by Jenni:

What I love about this episode:

It's the only episode of TBAA to star Dwayne Wayne!  Fond 80s memories of "A Different World" abound!  I'm just glad Kathleen did not appear in this episode cause seeing "Whitley" try to turn "Dwayne Wayne" evil woulda been completely demoralizing.  To everyone reading this thinking "What the heck is she talking about now?!" I'm referring to Jasmine Guy's (aka the demon Kathleen) and Kadeem Hardison's (aka Mark in this episode) characters on the 1987 TV show "A Different World."  It was fun to see him again! 

So Mark's actually kinda a jerk in this.  Which is why I love Tess' reaction to him when he thinks she's a secretary instead of the head prosecutor.  She laughs!  It's awesome!  I wish I was more like Tess in that.  She makes Mark realize he was wrong.  I just tend to want to go to pieces and throw things when faced with sexist remarks.

How cute is it that Andrew and Monica show up for moral support?  Adorable.  I wish Tess woulda seen it that way.  But it's nice to see Andrew and Monica being conspiratorial.  Like for just a moment they're on even par and having fun with Tess.  Later I know Andrew will get shoved aside ("Clipped Wings" is soon after) but for a moment all is well!

I love it when Tess paraphrases Dr. King.  I think of that street sweeper quote every so often when I get to thinking that whatever I'm doing isn't grand enough.  Good to be reminded.

Tess has a wonderful revelation scene here, I think.  I love how she's not too soft with Mark but also gentle enough to comfort him.  And when she assures him he's "always been a child of God," it's easy to take that right to heart.

What I didn't love about this episode:
Tess so does not get AOD humor.  Poor Adam had a time of it and now she gets snappy with Andrew.  He's totally adorable when he (clearly jokingly) tells Tess she's the only one having fun.  She snaps back "Is there anything wrong with that?"  Chill out!  The guy just wanted to be able to help out.  It's what he does!!!  Seriously...  Thankfully, Andrew isn't as vexed by this as myself.

Mark is a jerk to Andrew.  Enough said. 

Lingering questions:
Why does Mark take the sign off the Sinclair mansion?  Is that a thing to do when you're gonna buy the house?  I certainly didn't take the For Sale sign outta the yard of the house I bought, though...  I'm not sure who did.  It just disappeared.  The realtor took it, I assume.  Anyone know what the deal is?

 Okay, I'm sure this is just how the shot was framed but every time Andrew goes out to offer food at Mark's party... I totally think it looks like he's offering food to no one.  Does anyone else think this?  Cause whomever Andrew's offering food to is completely out of the shot.  So it actually looks like he's offering treats to my Kleenex box which borders my TV.  And then I giggle because I'm easily amused.  And Andrew looks good in that suit.

I gotta kinda wonder about poor Vanessa at the end.  First, she witnesses the prosecutor turn a cigarette packet into a dove.  Weird.  Then the maid all of a sudden knows how many babies she'll have.  And the butler has apparently already been considering names for em.  I'd be a lil freaked if I was her.  I sure hope Mark and Esther filled her in very quickly.

Parts that made me feel swoony:
Andrew as a chauffeur/butler has a very odd effect on me.  Maybe because I've equated that role with romantic frustration thanks to Remains of the Day.  Wonderful...  Or maybe just cause I think it would be awesome if Andrew were my chauffeur.  Cept he wouldn't be hired help.  He'd just be driving cause I can't.  And we'd go on a road trip.  And I'd pay tons of attention to him.  And it would be maladaptive and I'd be warped for life but oh well.

The look on Andrew's face when he asks Tess if he's there because he "looks so good in this uniform"... so cute!  And it's nice to see him being a lil bit cocky.  He *does* look good and I'm glad he knows that.  Yay.  It's just that sometimes he seems a lil bit surprised that women are attracted to him which is a lil sad.  So that's a nice lil, encouraging exchange.

On a serious note, Andrew's very sweet when he assures Mark's mom that she has enough time left on earth to make a difference.  Just the tone of his voice is so assuring and so loving.  Good, old Andrew...

I love that Andrew puts his arm around Monica and looks so happy for the Hamiltons at the end.  It makes me wonder if maybe Andrew's just more affectionate and touchy-feely than Monica.  And maybe that's why she seems kinda stand-offish by comparison.  I dunno.  But I'd sure like a chance to be Monica.  ;-)

Random thoughts:
This episode made me excited for winter.  I know once it comes I'll be sighing over dirty snow and muddy shoes and heating bills but... that light snow they had going for a bit was so pretty.  And the warm and toasty hats and scarves... 

Tess enjoys Shirley Temples like myself!  They're yummy.  I wish I had the guts to order them at bars.  But people seem to think that's childish.

Apparently angels can have allergies.  First it just seems like Monica doesn't do well with cigarette smoke.  And then Andrew says he doesn't like it either.  But later Monica says she's actually allergic.  So I wonder what else they can be allergic to?

It's kinda weird watching the episode now when the danger of second-hand smoke is a taken for granted fact.  The idea that anyone would argue against it seems absurd almost.

Kinda weirds me out that the "villain" is named J.D.  Cause I either think of John Dorian from "Scrubs" or, naturally, John Dye when I hear those initials.  Not a greedy, immoral guy selling tobacco.

A Word from Travis:
This is my fourth favorite episode of Season 3. All the actors were excellent and I understand Marc’s the overall mindset/attitude even if I don’t agree with his actions. This episode reminds me of “Black Like Monica” where the theme of skin color was displayed. Marc felt people might not of thought much of him as he was black and he wanted to prove that a black individual could ‘make it” also.

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