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I hope you're enjoying JABB's TBAA Episode Guide!  If you're a member of JABB and would like to review an episode (or several!), just drop me an email and I'll be happy to add it!

As far as my own contributions, I wanted to explain a little about the format I decided to go with.  People are welcome to adopt it, adapt it, or do something else entirely. 

When I started this I knew I wanted to address the following aspects of each episode:
    ~  What I love about this episode

    ~  What I didn't love about this episode

    ~  Lingering questions

    ~  Parts that made me feel swoony

    ~  Random thoughts

    ~  Scenes Hallmark cut (generally only on S5 and beyond)

    ~  Further on down the road...

On this page I'd like to explain a lil bit about what I mean by each of these section titles.

What I love about this episode: This section is for plot elements, quotes, images, etc. that I'm very fond of in each episode.  Occasionally I might also include something that, while it may not be particularly impressive, somehow made JABB a lot easier or a lot more fun.

What I didn't love about this episode: I love TBAA and consider it my all-time favorite TV show.  However, that doesn't mean I love every little bit of it.  Sometimes the writing doesn't work for me.  Or I just don't agree with how something's portrayed.  Things like that.  I might also mention an aspect of the episode that really unnerves or upsets me here.  That doesn't necessarily mean it's something I wish they'd changed.  It might just be something that's difficult for me to watch.

Lingering questions: Anything that goes unsaid in the episode that makes me curious.  It could be really intriguing to me (i.e. why Tess is identical to Erasmus' aunt) or just something random that made me curious.  I might also note a line or scene that made me ponder something but that actually has little to do with the episode.

Parts that made me feel swoony: Sometimes this is the most misleading section.  It should actually be "Parts that made me feel swoony, think a lot about Andrew, worry over Andrew, or appreciate Andrew in a completely uncrush-like way" but that's way too long.  Typically here's where I mention all that I find wondrous about Andrew (or Adam).  In episodes without AODs, I might use this space to comment on an attractive assignment or discuss an aspect of the episode that made me think about Andrew or the other AODs.

Random thoughts: Where everything that doesn't fit into the above sections or my occasional intro sections goes!  And sometimes the stuff there is *really* random.

Scenes Hallmark cut
: Starting with the Season 5 episodes, I tried to compare the Hallmark airings with the original CBS airings.  I then listed scenes I thought Hallmark cut.  They may not be 100% accurate since sometimes weeks passed between my viewing of the Hallmark version and my follow-up viewing of the CBS version.

Further on down the road...: I added this section after the Season 5 DVDs *finally* came out.  As I rewatched episodes, I made observations that I hadn't during my initial Episode Guide viewing.  So those thoughts were put in this section.

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