"Angel of Death"

A review by Jenni:

What I love about this episode:
Personally, I like Celeste.  I know some people did not but I think she added some nice levity.  Would I have necessarily wanted more Celeste episodes?  No.  But I think she's good in the two episodes she has. 

Tess warning Celeste about coffee and referencing Monica's addiction is quite amusing.  She was right to bring it up, though.  I caught the addiction from Monica myself so... good to warn someone she'd actually be working with.  ;-)

I adore Celeste's dress in this episode, particularly the long silvery vest part.  Lovely.  I think those are great.  They should come back in style.

I thought Monica turning the potatoes into doves was pretty cool.  Way nicer than some old tricks involving doves...  Do NOT watch The Prestige if you really like doves, by the way.

Even though I would like to strangle Eric at some points, he was sweet when he hugged the grieving mother of his young fan and then produced a handkerchief for her.  Just stay away from Andrew... 

As someone prone to using double meanings, I thought it was clever of Tess to work what seemed to be an opinion about Eric's evasiveness into a statement against Monica continuing to cover up for Celeste.  Very Tess-like with the attitude and Look!  Although, yeah, I did feel bad for Monica.

I think Cherub Child is a really cute nickname.  Good one, Tess.

What I didn't love about this episode:
The downside of Celeste is she's so much more intuitive and compassionate than Gloria that it makes me more irked to think about Gloria. 

I hate that the crowd boos when they lift Eric outta the pool finally.  I know it's probly realistic but, geez, hate to realize that since the guy was in danger!

It kinda bugs me that Andrew doesn't get to be part of the revelation scene since Monica, Tess, and Celeste do.  And he'd been working with Eric longer than any of them.  Oh well.  Maybe Eric would be too consumed with guilt to learn his poor, bullied agent was an angel.  Then again, that may have been a great lesson for him.

Lingering questions:
Celeste is totally amazed by her body at the start of this.  So what did she look like before?  What do any of them look like in Heaven, for that matter?  Okay, really I just wanna know what Andrew looks like.  And if you're wondering why I care then you've not looked around this site enough!  ;-)

So Tess is all bummed out about her lost dog which was endearing.  But...  how did she not get bummed out when the dog then disappeared for several seasons???

And what gender is the dog, anyhow?  I think Tess has said "him" but Celeste says "her."  Maybe Celeste just didn't know.  And if that's the case...  I really don't think angels should be sent on assignment without a basic understanding of anatomy.  Just saying...

Parts that made me feel swoony:
Poor love gets called "Andy" a lot in this.  That's so not cool and I feel sorry for him.  Cause I hate it when people who shouldn't call me "Jen."  But that's only the start...

I realize this section is for parts that make me swoony but I'm temporarily turning it into parts that make me wanna beat someone up.  So I'm a lil protective, who cares?  Anyhow, when Eric sorta slaps Andrew...  I wanna slug him.  I realize Andrew wouldn't appreciate my resorting to violence for his sake but...  That's so disrespectful!!!  I just wanna scream "Excuse me!!!  This guy's been working his halo off to help us through hard times and making things right after all sorts of idiotic stuff we've done since, if not before, we crawled out of our lame caves and you do *that*?!?!?"  Grrrr.  Nobody slaps Andrew!  I don't even care that it was light and couldn't have possibly hurt! 

Moving on...

Andrew's expression was very cute when he was looking for someone who'd look good in tights and was eying Tess. 

And now back into being protective...  I hate it when Eric tells Andrew "I don't pay you for your opinions."  Cause I wanna hear Andrew's opinions about everything!  I love Andrew's opinions!  Even when I disagree!  Shut up, Eric!  I should really watch these hooked to a blood pressure monitor just for fun.

Andrew looked so adorably concerned when Eric locked the mayor up in that safe.  But it made me wonder how he handles seeing people engaging in risky behavior and being so careless with their lives when he's also seen many people have their lives taken from them against their will?  Sad thought...

Andrew's eye brow movement when Celeste appears by the pool... way cute!  And it's also pretty cute when he says he never met her cause he's scared of Tess.  Chicken Andrew is adorable!  Especially since I know he's not really a chicken.

I don't think I'd noticed this before but Andrew seems to twiddle his thumbs and kinda rub his hands when he's nervous.  Watch when Eric's doing his Drowning Pool trick.  It makes Andrew look so vulnerable and... I wanna hug him.

Random thoughts:
I'll admit I had to do the floating pencil trick after I saw Eric do it.  My dog was unimpressed.

I'm surprised Andrew's not more ticked about Eric using the name "angel of death" since he's so passionate about death getting a bad rep.

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