"Inherit the Wind"

A review by Jenni:

I just had to watch an episode with Andrew.  Plus, Season 5 is nearing!  So I wanna be caught up.

What I love about this episode:
Keb'Mo' is one artist I learned about from TV that I still enjoy.  I don't have all of his CDs yet but I'm thinking I will one day.  Good stuff.  And he looks awesome with that particular glow.  It's different.  His music is just so perfect and poignant through out this episode.

I like that Andrew's absolutely calm in Edward's final moments.  There's no drama at all as he tells him he only has a minute to live.  That's exactly the type of person I'd want with me when I die.

I love the valet, George.  He's just so pleasant and modest and genuinely grateful.  And was obviously more of a friend than a valet given his placement in Edward's will.  Plus, I like his smirk as Kevin learns he's not left uber-rich.  I'm thinking George was there countless times when Edward needed to vent/lament about Kevin.

I think George has one of the best lines from any human in the series.  When Kevin asks if he got over his parents' death, George says "No, you don't get over it.  You just get on with it."  I think that's one of the truest things about grief I've ever heard.

I like Ruth much better in this episode than in "Nothing But Net."  She's bluntly funny when she picks Kevin up.  And my Catholic self wants to know which saints Ruth knows. 

"You are never alone."  It's one of the two things Ruth tells Kevin he can't forget.  "There's no such thing as a free lunch" being the other.  But it's that first one that I think was one of TBAA's greatest legacies: reminding us that God is always there.

I think this is the most casually dressed we ever see Sam.  Who is awesomely not-push-aroundable in this.  You can tell he's a much better person than me cause I woulda wanted to wallop Kevin with that dirty pan.  As a former pro dishwasher, Sam's lesson to Kevin about pride and not considering yourself above certain work is fine by me!

"Hick towns are in the eye of the beholder."  Ruth tells this to a condescending Kevin.  And I totally agree cause some people think I live in one and I certainly don't see it that way!  Good line.

I love that Phil is directionally impaired.  I am terribly so and that makes me feel better.  Plus it's Dr. Cosby!  How can you not like Phil???

The scene between Phil and Kevin remains so powerful.  Knowing the loss Dr. Cosby has faced, to hear him talking about bad times and how you can work through them and need to
focus on the good is so powerful and believable.  "I have seen pain...  Disease that is so devastating...  A mother seeing her child, her life just snatched away...  God doesn't cause pain, God heals.  God doesn't hate, God loves."  I can't even type it all up because the entire monologue is just wonderful and so passionately acted.

Aww!  I totally forgot that George resurfaces at the end to see Kevin on stage being functional.  That's great!

What I didn't love about this episode:
Not a complaint but it's so sad that wasted Kevin's completely negligent of his father as he's telling him he's going to die. 

I find it a bit hard to believe that Edward never spoke a word to his son about his childhood and being an orphan.  Then again, maybe he did but Kevin was zoned out.  It just seems a lil fishy.

Lingering questions:
What's Jacob like?  What's his story?  He's a pretty enigmatic angel.  I mean we don't even learn his name til Season 9, I don't think.  In this he's just the "Angel of Music."

What would you do if, like Edward here, you knew you only had one hour left to live?  This episode makes me think about that.  I think I'd contact people I cared about but how would I divide up that time?

I wonder if it's weird for angels to sing lyrics they don't really relate to?  Like Jacob singing about "sweet, sweet lovin.'" 

Parts that made me feel swoony:
That lil smile and nod Andrew gives Monica and Tess after they see him near the staircase in the opening teaser is very sweet.

Oooh.  He looks so official and powerful in that desk chair.  I still prefer Andrew's casual look but that's pretty impressive.

Jacob's pretty handsome.  What's with God torturing us with these super good looking angels?  ;-)  Still
totally focused on Andrew, though! 

If Andrew called me from across the street... I would go right over.  Here's hoping there wouldn't be cars cause I'm not 100% sure I'd remember to look.  I always do but in that case...

"No one lives alone and no one dies alone."  Great Andrew quote and something his eyes do when he says that to Kevin is cool.  That scene is far too short.  I like the other angels but wish Andrew were in this more.

When Kevin returns to the club to sell his guitar, Andrew is doing the laidback Superman pose!  I'm a nerd...

I wish Andrew had gotten to hold the baby...  I like the way he says the word "baby."  I need help.

Aww...  He's so into the music in the final scene, tapping on that chair and moving his foot.

Random thoughts:
The actor who plays Kevin's dad also played Catherine's father on Beauty and the Beast.  And he looks exactly the same in this. 

At one point I had recurring dreams that I saw Andrew in my mirror.  This episode makes me wonder how frequently that happened on the show where someone saw an angel in the mirror or the viewing audience did.  It happens here and I know in "Crisis of Faith."  Probly others.

I can sympathize with Kevin's annoyance at Ruth calling him "Kev."  I really dislike being called "Jen" myself.

Two out of two episodes today reminded me of Holes.  The Keb'Mo' song "Just Like You" that you hear as Kevin and Monica are walking is also in that film.  This came first, though.

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