"An Unexpected Snow"

A review by Jenni:
This is one of the first episodes, if not the first episode, I clearly remember watching back when TBAA was first on the air.  Except I know I first saw this one during the summer so it must have been the rerun season.  So that makes it special to me as, if not the first TBAA episode I ever saw, very close to it.

What I love about this episode:
First, I liked all the talk about destiny.  At times TBAA has been kinda negative about stuff I find innocuous like the concept of luck and superstitions.  Fate, destiny, luck, etc. don't really belong to any one religion or group and I think that's part of their appeal.  As long as someone isn't driving themselves crazy over the concepts, I don't see any reason to fuss over them. 

I got a kick outta Tess saying "Hark!" and then defending it by telling Monica "I miss the old days."  We should use that word more often. 

I *love* that mansion this episode was filmed in.  It and the property were just so gorgeous.  Elegant but not pretentious.  Large
but still cozy.  Perfect.

I love llamas.  I think they're adorable.  So I'm all for llamas in TV shows!

I agree with Megan's line that "Sanity's overrated."

It seems like the writers sometimes forgot stuff they probly shouldn't have (like when Andrew and Monica first met) but this episode is a great example of them remembering details.  Tess refers to Benjamin Franklin as a "nosy motormouth" and in Season 2 in "Dear God" they actually bring those words back up again when she recalls him.  Cool.

I like it when Monica assures Megan that "When you cry, God cries with you."  Makes a person feel less alone, I feel.

I love this quote from Tess: "When two people are on a journey there will be miles when they fall silent but that doesn't mean they shouldn't be traveling together."  I think, if I ever do meet a guy, whether or not we have companionable silence is gonna be a huge determining factor in whether I stay in that relationship.  I think it's that important.

Also in that scene, I love the sarcastic, deadpan way Tess speaks to Jack.  It's funny and powerful and he deserves some grief.

As has become obvious to anyone who has read many of these, I routinely dislike TBAA's handling of adultery.  But here it really doesn't get under my skin.  I think maybe it's because Susana tells Megan she'll forgive Jack "but not today."  Unlike later episodes, there's no sudden, complete reconciliation.  The episode leaves us with hope for Jack and Susana but not some automatic "happily ever after" a la "Labor of Love."  And I appreciate that realism.

What I didn't love about this episode:
As happens so often, I have a gripe with Monica.  She's mean to Adam!  The guy tells her there's no one other than her and Tess he'd want to spend Thanksgiving with and she doesn't want to let him!  If God had such a problem with it, wouldn't He have told Adam to scram?  Since He didn't... why is Monica being so bratty?!?  To add insult to injury she tells him she "can't have an AOD" around.  Honestly, sometimes I think Monica's biased against AODs.  Like Adam's just gonna go nuts and start yanking people Home or something...

I think Adam shoulda been able to play the piano to his heart's content.  I don't get Tess' problem.

I always hate it when someone asks an angel if they'll ever see them again and they either say no or shake their head like Monica does here to Megan.  What kinda hopeful outlook is that?  I believe that in Heaven I'll see all the people who were ever meaningful to me.

Lingering questions:
So how come Adam did get to stay for Thanksgiving?  Did Monica relent or did Tess intervene?  Cause at the table Tess introduces him and says she asked him to stay but we never actually see any exchange between them about it so I dunno.

I have always wanted to know what Adam was about to say when Tess cuts him off with "Don't start" after Monica comments about having never been in love.  Was he gonna give a serious answer?  Be sarcastic?  Was someone ever in love with him and he was gonna talk about it?  Heck, maybe he woulda given us some awesome stuff to tell the shippers to get em to knock it off.

If Adam hadn't shown up, who did Tess expect to slaughter poor Alexander?

Does Monica *really* know there's someone out there for Megan?  I always want to know that when the angels say that.  Cause I hate it when people just rattle that off because they think it'll be comforting.

Where does turkey-like substance come from?

Parts that made me feel swoony:
Adam feeding the llama was my first "Aww!" moment.  Attractive guy feeding an adorable llama... awesome.

It's very sweet that Adam rises when both Megan and Susana leave the table.

This episode helped me to realize why I don't worry about Adam in the same way I do Andrew.  I have concerns for Adam but I also think Adam's a heckuva lot better at standing up for himself.  He doesn't give in to Tess' demands and even ends up outright disobeying her.  I'm not sure Andrew could do that.  I love Andrew but I think Adam's probly the stronger, more confident of the two.

This definitely does not make me feel swoony but it reminds me of Adam and Andrew so I'm putting it here.  At the very end Tess repeatedly tells Monica "I adore you!"  I would have loved to have seen such a vocal, emotional admission made to her Angel Boys.  But, alas, no.

But mostly this episode is about Adam and Alexander for me.  Adam's devotion to his feathered friend remains my favorite memory of him.  He's awesome.  Everything about this guy is classy.

Random thoughts:
Ever since seeing this episode I've wanted one of those lottery spinning things with balls with philosophical questions written on em.  No idea if you can buy those, though.

I always thought the lil plot element with Susana's cardigan was neat because I also have a beige cardigan with a roll collar that was my Grandpa's.  I love it. 

Here's another way angels try to explain what they do without giving out too much detail or lying: Adam says only that he's "in transportation."

Being only a so-so mechanic seems to be an AOD trait.

I'm not sure I want to end on this note but I don't know where else to put this.  This episode more than any other still leaves me feeling completely stunned that Charles Rocket has passed on.  Watching this he's just so alive!  So as much as I love this episode, it makes me sad.  For us.  Not for him.  I believe he's still very much alive and Home.

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