"The Last Day of the Rest of Your Life"

A review by Jenni:

I am sick.  I probly should leave this til I feel better because I have a feeling I will sound like a lunatic.  Oh well.

What I love about this episode:

I think Monica makes a wonderful point when she addresses the group and tells them "What you don't say may be what someone else needs to hear."  Sometimes, even with the YG, I second guess bringing difficult things up.  But I also know that sometimes that opens a dialogue and I discover others were dealing with similar issues.  And the flip side has happened, too.  So I think it's very true.

I'm amused by the vision of Tess messing with the pipes in the community center.

TBAA was ahead of its time in some aspects!  They did at least two episodes about bucket lists long before I even heard the term used.  This and "Psalm 151" are all about that idea.

I thought it was really sweet when the other 4 members of the group all got into Rachel's car when she fled the group meeting in tears.  I will strive not to make a comparison to Monica's behavior in "The Journalist."  Oops, too late.

It was cute that Stasi was so thrilled when she saw Tess' hair.  I've often thought Tess had such beautiful hair.

The plot with teens and parents makes me tear up even though I never really went through an all out "My parents are so uncool!" phase.  Although watching this... part of me thought that it was actually kinda refreshing.  Nowadays some parents try too hard to be cool so they'll be loved and adored.  More friends than parents.  I'm glad Larry wasn't that type. 

Della Reese should just go around to different people and use that "Get off your butt and talk!" line.  They could design a whole show around that.  I loved that scene!  And it worked!  Larry did eventually have a moment with his daughter.

"It's not a sense, that's God."  Monica says that to Rachel when she senses the end is near.  It jumped out at me cause right now on the YG, we're discussing psychic abilities.  And that's very much my stance.  True extra senses come from God just as the other 5 do.

I liked that Monica was able to tell Rachel about her daughter.  That entire storyline was very touching.  Birth mothers like
Rachel are so brave and unselfish.

How wonderful would it be to know your friends went to the trouble to plan an entire prom for you?  Even though I'm apathetic about proms, I thought that was a sweet part of the episode.

Yep, totally teared up at the daddy/daughter dance scene.  Although more than anything it was the mom's face as she watched that totally broke me up.

Andrew and Delores climbing the "Stairway to Heaven" was a cute touch.

What I didn't love about this episode:
That flier at the beginning with the yellow triangle was too weird.  Honestly, to me it called to mind the flier the cult used in "Into the Fire."  So I wish Tess woulda thought a bit more about how she promoted the support group!

It seemed choppy at parts but I really do think THC edited the heck out of it.  ETA: Yep, that was it.  The third act was majorly messed with which explains Monica knowing about Rachel's husband suddenly, Corey having enough info to search for Rachel's daughter, etc.

Lingering questions:
Is it crazy that even though I fully know Andrew's immortal, seeing him get in the midst of a fight between Corey and Larry makes me very nervous?

What do I want to accomplish with my life?!?!?  Corey's "something that matters" sounds good but what!?!

Parts that made me feel swoony:
I seriously want to non-marry Andrew in this episode.  (Did I mention I am sick and soooo totally hopped up on caffeine?)  He's sooo optimistic and happy!  I love that at the beginning while Tess and Monica seem to be focusing on struggles, Andrew pipes in by pointing out that everyone showed up and it's a start.  I love him.  I need more of that attitude in my life.

Just have to say... if I was sitting in my car (which right off would be weird since I can't drive) and Andrew suggested I get out... I would get out promptly.  But then Rachel has a husband and, thus, one would hope would not fall and fawn all over Andrew.

How awesome is it that Andrew doesn't scoff at all about giving Delores dance lessons and, in fact, says it would be an honor?  Plenty awesome.  I think Andrew must really love dancing.  Note to self: Dyeland needs more dancing scenes.  Gotta keep that boy happy!  Or else I end up running around the house, potentially spraining my ankle.  I am so loopy right now.  (ETA: Dyeland now has *lots* of dance scenes.  Now I sometimes wonder if there are too many.)

More optimism!  Andrew assures everyone in the group that nothing on their lists sounds impossible.  Aww.  So assuring and lovely and encouraging.

Giggle.  Blondie.  I like it!  I'm not adding it to the nicknames shirt since Delores isn't a JABBer and we're running outta room, anyhow, but sweet.  And that long shot of Andrew's face in that scene...  He's gorgeous.  And so gentle.  And loving.  And while the lady from "Rock" in 9th season still has the best death scene in all of TBAA as far as I'm concerned (by which I mean the one I'd most want when I have to shuffle off the mortal coil), Delores is a close second, I think.

Random thoughts:
Music: There's some music in the diner while Corey looks for info on Rachel's daughter.  I couldn't make it out.  "I Never Can Say Goodbye" by Gloria Gaynor, "Holdin' On To Yesterday" by Ambrosia," and "House at Pooh Corner" by Loggins & Messina are all heard at the prom.  There's also, of course, the tango although what tango it is... no clue.  ETA: In the CBS version, there's an additional scene of Monica and Corey on the internet with another unidentifiable song playing in the background.  Ha!  And I think I have the tango figured out: "Por Una Cabeza."

I know I can't possibly understand because nicotine is an addiction I've never formed, but I just can't imagine having an
oxygen tank and smoking.  It was just shocking almost to see Delores do it.

While I'm thrilled Stasi got her prom, I skipped mine and still don't regret it.  Although I do regret that in some Dyeland story it was supposed to be revealed that LJA spent her prom watching football on TV with Andrew.  I totally forgot what story that was supposed to be in.  Oh well.  I can use it elsewhere.  (ETA: And I did.  LJA talks about it in "Abide With Me."  I feel accomplished now!)

Scenes Hallmark cut:
My initial reaction is THC massacred this episode.  Either my imagination is more vivid than I even thought or they cut Andrew giving Delores lessons.  We'll see. 
And they did!  The proof:
-After Rachel leaves the group, she returns home.  She's no more in the door than she hears a knock and finds Andrew, Monica, and the group at her door.  She tells them she can't talk because her husband is home and doesn't know about the baby.  Andrew tells her that there's not much time.  She says she won't shake up her life until they're ready to shake their own up.  This scene then goes directly into...
-Delores and Andrew at a dance hall.  Andrew seems to doubt doing the tango.  Delores insists and asks him to show her a step.  He does the stomping, hand out thing.  Then Delores is the one to look doubtful.  This is also the first time she calls him "Blondie."
-There's a scene of Monica and Corey at the cafe.  She's feeding him info about Rachel's daughter which he then uses to search the internet.  Carla comes by and Monica urges Corey to ask her to the prom.  He rejects the idea, she tells him that's stupid.
-At their home, Rachel is working on Stasi's crown when her husband walks in.  He asks her when the group will do something for her.  Then he asks what the thing is she wants to do.  She tells him that loving him for as long as she can is it.

Further on down the road...
I'm watching this at a much more decent time today!  Not even 8 PM yet.  So hopefully I don't zone out as much as last time.  I shouldn't with this chai.  :-)  Really looking forward to this one.

I still think that leaflet needed some work.  I'd have taken one look and thought "Cult!  Run!" and that woulda been unfortunate.

Andrew is the Barkley Community Ctr. Coordinator.  Or one of them.  I hadn't realized he had a title.  ;-)  And this is set in Madison, WI.  I really do intend to get back to JABB Jeopardy some day.

And this is reminding me that I meant to start writing my will today.  Oops.  At my work we get "wellness points" for various activities and writing a will is one of them.  Gotta love that irony!

Sigh...  Dance lessons with Andrew.  How awesome would that be?  I wish I coulda seen John dance more.  Woulda loved to have seen him in a musical.  Aww.  His eyes are so sparkly when he agrees to the lessons.  Andrew, I mean. 

I miss sweater vests...  Guys looked so cute in them.  And now I'm being totally random. 

I need a new life goal.  I wanted to do something that I could be relatively certain no one else in the world was doing.  And... I'm relatively certain no one else is doing something like JABB.  So... I'm only 30 and thus need another objective.  A big one.  Will think on that...

And all the cut Andrew scenes are back and crystal clear!  Okay, all the cuts scenes period are back.  But it's Andrew's moments I'm most glad to have back.  I'll feel so much relief when Seasons 8 and 9 are announced and out.  They have to be... 

I have a really massive grin right now.  I was so mad when THC cut the rehearsal scene and Andrew's pose.  So cute.  And so back!!!  I only wish it were longer but at least it's there!

The part where Rachel can't work on the tiara is hard for me to see.  I rely on being able to do assorted crafts as a stress reliever.  I've thought sometimes before that if I developed a condition that limited my ability to perform precise actions with my hands, I would really, really struggle.  That must be so difficult and frustrating.

I think a song at the beginning of prom was switched out.  This sounds really bad... whatever it is.  Is someone singing in falsetto?  "Tell me why we're living in the moment" are some lyrics from the second song in this version.  That song is much less distracting than whatever that first one was.  Ah, I think it was the Gaynor and Ambrosia songs that didn't make it to DVD.  That's too bad.  I liked the Ambrosia one.  Oh well.  I have a CD with it on there.  Still... it makes me paranoid that a really important song will get cut in one of these.

TANGO!  It reminds me...  I always meant to have a part in a JABB Christmas story (which used to regularly feature homages to holiday films) in which Adam and LJA dance to "The Tango Andrew" set to the tune of "The Tango Maureen."  Minus the cussing...  ;-)  Oh well.  Kinda past the point where that would make any sense.  Anyhow, I love Andrew in that scene.  So sweet and awesome and studly all at once.  After this is over... I'm gonna rewatch that bit.  And I did.  :-)

Thank God that "House on Pooh Corner" got left although I really wasn't too worried about that getting cut.  I think they'd pretty much have to shell out for it given dialogue relied on it.  The reaction shot of the mother is really moving.  I'd forgotten about that.  It would be so difficult to watch your husband and daughter and know time is running out.

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