"Seek and Ye Shall Find"

A review by Jenni:

I'm taping the Emmys in the other room so watching this episode on my computer.  Thus, this is the first time I'm writing one of these as I'm watching.  We'll see how it goes!

What I love about this episode:

This episode gives me a new appreciation for Tess.  It must be really difficult to know something is going to befall one of her
angel babies but not be able to forewarn them.  But now I'm trying to think if she ever knew about something that was going to happen to Andrew before it did.  I don't think so.  I wonder how that woulda been?

I really love Effie.  She's so selfless and hope-filled.  She's a wonderful depiction of what a faithful person should be like.  I've had experience with people who put the trappings of their faith (attendance at services, trips to the Holy Land) above their faith and good works.  Effie proves herself to be exactly the opposite.  She puts showing forgiveness and compassion above her beloved trip to the Holy Land.  I'm so glad she's rewarded with what she wanted more than anything.

I really enjoy the claustrophobic seeming episodes where most of the action happens in one small locale.  This one isn't quite as effective for me as "The Empty Chair" but pretty good.  "Last Call" is another example.  I like them cause they really bring out the personalities of the characters.  I'm thinking it's no coincidence that I'm taken in more often by characters in the claustrophobic episodes than the normal ones.  There are fewer distractions. 

This episode is a good reminder to look for God in all things.  Monica in awe over the snowflakes and Effie telling her about all God created are really sweet moments.

While I have a stance on the death penalty, one I've had for years, I appreciate that TBAA straddled the fence here.  Because I'm afraid that had they come down hard either way it would have alienated viewers.  And I think it's more important people hear God loves them than either have their views on the death penalty reinforced or contradicted by the show.

I think it's cute how Monica refers to Andrew as "that reporter fellow" in her prayer.  Plus, I just like that as a stranger Andrew had such an impact on her.  If only she paid such rapt attention to him at other times...

What I didn't love about this episode:
Brother Jim is soooo slimy.  Selling Bibles for way more than he should be.  Stealing money then trying to claim the reward for it.  Attempting to steal back a Bible.  All while praising God.  Yuck.  But he does set up a couple smoldering Andrew moments. 

I truly admire TBAA for the times it tackled the death penalty.  That's no easy issue.  However, I think it would have been really challenging to have done so without making the murderer sympathetic.  Here the guy was on drugs *and* forgiven by his victim.  In "Famous Last Words" he'd been beaten and his victim was an abusive person.  In "Sins of the Father" I don't remember there being a tragic back-story so maybe I should rewatch that.  Cause the truth is not everyone on death row is remorseful and some were perfectly aware of the pain they were causing in perpetrating their crimes.  I just wonder how TBAA woulda handled cases like that.  But, as I said above, this is an issue they needed to tread lightly with so maybe I should be content to leave well enough alone.

Lingering questions:
Is this a realistic depiction of amnesia at all?  I'm sure it can strike in very many ways but just curious if this is one.

Parts that made me feel swoony:
When Andrew walks in...  He looks so mysterious and lovely and handsome and then so confused...  And I love that Monica requests an angel and then ding! he's there.  I love that hat... 

Gah, his voice is just so tender and kinda stutter-y when he realizes Monica's plight.  He's adorable.  Oh... and the way he holds her hand. 

And when he defends Monica...  I might risk jail to hear Andrew defend me.  I need help.

And when he stops Brother Jim from taking Effie's reward money... if I used the word "hot" then this would be a good time to use it.  But since I don't I'll use...  Well, he's righteously indignant but that's not all...  Okay, I'll just use smoldering again.  He's smoldering.  It's just too bad Paris Hilton ruined "hot" for me...

"I believe you."  Something about the way he says it.  Actually everything he says to Monica in that scene is wonderful and when he almost says her name...  He's so passionate when he talks about God.  And oh... he stroked her cheek.  I wanna be Monica!!!

Then Andrew disappears for the remaining 20 minutes but, boy, his scenes are still worth watching this episode for.  Swoon...

Random thoughts:
Amnesia has got to be TV writers' most favorite medical condition.  It seems like every show has to use it at one point or another!  It's a bit over-used but, heck, I've used it on JABB so I'm just as guilty!

Someone on TBAA must really like Elvis.  Between Amy Ann in "Into the Light" and Sueellen here there's some serious Elvis fannishness. 

Paul's recollection of his victim's last words reminds me of cards we were given in one of my classes in high school.  I can't remember what they called them but basically they were like organ donation cards but you signed them to say that in the event you were murdered you didn't want the perpetrator to face the death penalty.  They had absolutely no legal worth.  Looking back I can't decide if that was appropriate or just kinda morbid...

And here's Andrew looking smoldering:

I need to go to bed before I swoon right off this chair and hit *my* head.  I wonder if he'd come underline passages in my Bible if I did...  Right, I need to go to bed... like fifteen minutes ago.

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