A review by Jenni:
I feel it only right to admit that I didn't particularly feel like watching this episode today.  Nor do I really want to be writing this up.  But I just really wanted to get another S4 episode done so I'll be in good shape when S5 starts on Hallmark.  That being said... I'm afraid even under the best of circumstances I'm not crazy about this episode.

What I love about this episode:
Despite what I said above, there are aspects of this episode I like.  First, I like that Monica describes herself to Annie as having "a very strong faith."  TBAA's whole angels don't have faith idea that surfaced on occasion makes approximately zero sense to me.  No, they don't need faith to tell them God exists.  They've seen Him.  But I think acknowledging God exists is only a *part* of
faith.  Trusting Him, knowing He loves you and wants what's best for you and His other children: those are parts of faith, too.  And the show definitely had the angels struggling with those aspects.

It's funny that Tess wants Annie's toaster oven.  I guess.  Kinda weird. 

Well, I do have to give this episode props for being anti-shipper!  Note it: Monica says Andrew is NOT her boyfriend but her friendfriend.  See, NOT her boyfriend, shipper people!

Okay, it is fun to glance around the one lady's grocery store and look for "brand names" like Corn Squares.

I kinda like the way they did the flashbacks with older Annie speaking and us seeing the flashback Annie and Tommy just mouthing the words.  It's different from the standard flashback.

And the way the townspeople surprise Annie is cute.  I like people pulling together for nice surprises like that.  Just too bad it got corny fast...

I'm quite fond of this line spoken by Monica to Annie: "God doesn't do things half-way.  He doesn't give us some of His love, He gives you all of His love.  And He doesn't let you glimpse just a part of your dream, He lets you see it all."

So I really don't like this episode.  But I know some people really do.  So this episode helps me remember that TBAA may not always speak to me but that just means that at those times it's speaking to someone else.  I'm sure there are episodes that I adore and others revile. 

What I didn't love about this episode:
What was Monica thinking messing with Annie's TV?  Annie was right to be ticked.  Who walks into a stranger's home and starts working their VCR?!?!

I work with a group that, among other things, raises money to support research of macular degeneration.  So I was thinking that with that background, this episode might hold more meaning for me now.  Sadly, this is probly still the TBAA episode I feel the least emotionally connected to.

 Gah!!!  Monica!!!  I can't believe she falls hook, line, and sinker for the murder accusation made against Annie.  I mean I could see it causing doubts and questioning but she's just so sure!  She even tells Tess!  It's crazy!

Honestly, I just don't know what it is.  It's not like I think any of the actors did subpar jobs.  The acting seems solid to me.  This episode just doesn't work for me.  It doesn't keep my attention at all.  The plot is just too out there, I think.

The bluescreen is just unforgivable.  I can't stand it.  I start laughing before I see it, just because I know it's coming.  Eeek.  Why?!?!  I coulda taken the scene seriously if they'd restricted themselves to just showing a pan of actual Venice from Annie's POV.  The second they put Monica in that outfit and tried to insert her into Venice... awfulness.

Lingering questions:
Does anyone find it a lil unbelievable that in all her years and in all her assignments, Monica never heard the phrase "ticking off"?  Is that regional or something?

I've got to wonder if someone in the show once lived in a small town who pooled their resources to send one of their kids to medical school only to have the kid flake out in a big way.  Cause that idea pops up in "Promised Land," too.

Parts that made me feel swoony:
Poor Andrew.  We barely see him in this episode.  But when he do... his outfit really pops!  Blue jeans, red shirt, his black leather jacket...  Loveliness. 

I think it's cute that Andrew just knew Monica would eventually go to the basement.  And in that scene I started to think he sounded like a Crane brother from Frasier as he was talking about the glass.  In a good way.  I like Niles and Frasier!  Just not as much as Andrew...

Random thoughts:
I think this episode may be why, when I went to get a dog, I wanted to get a German shepherd.  Not positive but I'm thinking so...  The Andrew Effect.  In any case, I ended up with what I guess to be a German shepherd/beagle mix.  Stress on the latter.

This episode kinda reminds me of the fairy tale "Bluebeard."  But I gotta say I find the fairy tale a bit more thrilling.

My inner LJA panicked when Andrew talked about people sometimes getting crabby when they get older.  Here's hoping she doesn't!  Nor the others!  What a sad, sad image of Dyeland...

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