"Bring On the Rain"

A review by Jenni:

So happy to be sitting down with this.  Yesterday was a wonderful Thanksgiving but today was just plain nutty.  And the long weekend made me feel like Wednesday was Friday and, thus, it seems like forever since I watched "Jump!"  I finished Christmas decorating, though!  Which involved lotsa dusting...  Another reason I'm very glad to be simply sitting here watching my favorite show starring my favorite actor playing my favorite fictional character. 

What I love about this episode:
Some day I would really like to visit SLC.  Some of these opening shots are just so beautiful...

I'm kinda like Monica here.  Sometimes I look at kids and wonder what they'll be like in 50 or 60 years.  So that's kinda sweet.  Although I typically think more about what they're gonna think about those grunge/goth/preppy clothes than romances.  I'm confident I'll still be cool with my boho thing.  ;-)

I'm going to confess to being totally wrong about something in this episode.  When I first watched, I was totally put off by Monica's "it seems they have to go through this in order to find out who they are" line.  I thought she was saying everyone had to go through the teenaged love thing.  And I was 20 when this aired and had never been in love so was all like "That's easy for you to say!  Everyone expects you to be single!  Last thing I need is some dippy angel telling me that I have to go through *that.*"  But now... I think she's just replying to Andrew's comments about teenage drama.  And I had my fair share of that.  And it *does* help a person find out who they are so... Monica is right.

I love that Annie feels strongly about setting a good example for Natalie with men.  Now, I think going on a date when your kid is in high school is totally acceptable.  But it's just cool to have a parent depicted who thinks about the implications of their romantic lives.  Don't see that too much on TV...  And, sadly, sometimes not in life.

Aww!!!  This is set around Thanksgiving!  Perfect!  I'd forgotten that! 

That coat Annie has on when going door-to-door is adorable!  I did love a lot of the costuming on this show...

Eeek.  Totally forgot Howard was Ben's dad.  Good twist.  But that couple... horrible people.  I love it when Ben tells his mom he lied to Natalie when he told her his mom was a nice person.  Slam!

"Yes, you've made mistakes, Annie.  But you've always taken responsibility for them and worked hard to overcome them.  And God w
ants you to know He's very proud of you."  Lovely that Monica said that to Annie.  She needed to hear it as well as...

"God loves you, Annie.  Mistakes and all!"

From Andrew to Natalie: "Your mom is more than just your mom.  She's a real person who can get her heart broken, too." 

Pretty awesome of Annie to have responded to Howard's wife with "You're going to be in my prayers."  Classy.

Yay, Shakespeare!  I agree.  He was inspired.

What I didn't love about this episode:
Kinda sad that Monica wouldn't have considered having Thanksgiving with Andrew and Gloria... but maybe she knew they'd be busy.  I woulda... Tess or no Tess.

It's just awful to watch when Natalie doesn't acknowledge her mother.  I think I must subconsciously remember more of this episode than I realized cause earlier in the week I kept thinking of the movie Stella.  Now I know why...

Lingering questions:

Wow... people would actually use Salisbury steak as a bribe?  Yuck.  Maybe I've just never had good Salisbury steak...

Is this for real!?!  Alums meet potential students for a few minutes and then write recommendations based on that!?  How does that make sense???  It's nice that Mr. Stowe turns out to be so supportive of the real Tates but... still ridiculous in concept.

Parts that made me feel swoony:
I love how Andrew kinda teasingly asks Monica if there's something on her mind.  And just the way he tilts his head.  For a moment, he seems like younger Andrew.  And, don't get me wrong, I actually prefer older John's looks (although he was never unattractive to me!).  But younger Andrew seemed more carefree and happy.  So I like it when that guy comes back sometimes.  Even though I feel a bit more kinship with older Andrew...  Now I just sound crazy so will stop.

Poor love probly wanted to finally go to Paris... 

I think I woulda retaken my ACT (didn't do SAT) if Andrew had been involved...  Actually, probly woulda taken the SAT even though my college didn't want it.  I'm all for filling in tiny circles if it means having Andrew around.  :-)

Gah, he's finally back.  His hair does look phenomenal in this episode.

I couldn't help but think of John when Monica is telling Annie that God will ask her if she taught her daughter to find Him and to be who He created her to be.  John taught countless people both lessons. 

Aww... that sigh when Natalie incorrectly thinks Howard broke Annie's heart.  He strikes just the right balance in this scene.  Sympathetic but very persistent that Natalie do the right thing by her mom. 

Hee!  I like how he tells Natalie that one day she'll recognize she had a conversation with an angel.  And, poof!, he's gone!  I think I liked those best of all cause real angel stories you hear often end that way. 

Random thoughts:

Music: During the cell phone conversation with Annie and her buddy, there's a male country artist singing.  Actually, I think it's that same "Every time I lose my heart" song as is heard in "Two Sides to Every Angel."  When nitwit gives Annie the key chain, there's a female country artist singing.  Again, no clue.  Naturally, "Bring on the Rain" by Jo Dee Messina is heard during the make-over montage.  At the Yale luncheon thingy a quartet is singing something with the lyrics "and we'll shout the good old chorus."  Sounds like a school song of some sort.  They've also got some piano music going.

Good sales on toilet paper are something you only understand when you're a grown-up, I think... 

Always kinda feel bad for realtors/landowners who probly think "Yay!  I've finally unloaded that house/trailer/apartment!" and then have the angels bail mere weeks later. 

It would be so nice to have a neighbor who could come over and have coffee and chat...  I'm kinda not super lucky in the neighbor department.  Some day!

My company once gave me a flashlight key chain.  I wonder if it was flirting with me...  ;-)  (ETA: Still use it!  Handy lil thing.)

Scenes Hallmark cut:
- They cut a scene of Monica tutoring Natalie.  Natalie asks Monica if she's coming over for Thanksgiving.  Monica says yes and she's looking forward to it.  Natalie says she's not as she doesn't want her boyfriend to see the "dump" where she lives.  Monica stresses that where she lives has a lot of love and if the boy is decent that is what he'll focus on and not think less of her.

Further on down the road...
Well, this is fun...  Watching this while in a tech support chat with my TV, internet, phone provider.  No phone...  They are typing a message... and apparently type slowly cause it has said that for a while...  Okay, apparently my area is having phone issues.  Better that than "Yeah, your connection is screwed up.  We'll have to send someone on Monday."

The scoring is weird when Annie and Monica first visit over coffee.  I actually paused the video cause I thought an ad was playing on the Internet.  Just didn't mesh well IMO.

Weirdly, just as Natalie was begging for a cell phone, I sent an email to my friend about why I keep my landline.  I have a cell phone but I have a love/hate relationship with it. 

I hope Andrew was in Dyeland for that Thanksgiving since Monica didn't seem to care about including him.  Or Gloria for that matter...

I do think it's weird that Annie insisted on the boyfriend making a Thanksgiving appearance.  Even pie seems a bit excessive for just a boyfriend.  Not like they're engaged.  My family has always welcomed boyfriends and girlfriends but certainly never expected them to leave their own families on holidays even for a bit.  Black Friday dinner shoulda been perfectly fine.

Made it to the halfway mark without imbibing but I think I need chai...

Natalie needs to spend more time watching CNN where she'd see a parade of politicians with loads more resources who still can't manage to keep their secrets secret.  How did she ever think her double life was gonna work out?  Maybe if she was at a boarding school but I don't get the idea this is some massive city.  Someone running into someone was bound to happen.  And, of course, it did!

You know... I'm wondering if my puter speakers are just not what I'm used to.  The scoring seemed intrusive at the big private school shindig scene, too. 

I hope Andrew remembers that speech about a mother being a real person.  He may need it in a decade and a half or so over in Dyeland.  :-)

I gotta be honest and say that if I had to look through applications representing tons of kids with big dreams and impressive transcripts and knew I had to nix most, I'm not sure I could go with the one who was a compulsive liar even if reformed.

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