"Forget Me Not"

A review by Jenni:

What I love about this episode:
Tess has a few quotes in this that I really love but here's the first one that really grabbed me: "Nothing meaningful ever really gets forgotten.  It can always be found by those willing to look."  That makes me feel better cause I always worry I'll forget something truly important and be left with a buncha random nonsense.

I love Tess' interaction with Charlotte when she tells her about the pin-up photos.  Absolutely no judgment.  No harshness.  Only compassion.  Tess at her best!  Or maybe not... I also love when Tess defends Charlotte after Sara implies she's "cheap and trashy."  *That* may be Tess at her best.  And I also like how she calls people "honey" in this.

While I wish Andrew were in this more, I do think there's a nice sense of balance in having Monica and Tess work so closely with Sara and Charlotte.  Because even though Tess makes it clear that she is NOT Monica's mother, there is that tendency in the relationship. 

I like the use of a "special dispensation" here.  And Sara calling Charlotte "mommy" really gets to me.  Maybe cause I still call my mom that every so often.

I love that Charlotte does retain that one, crystal clear memory of the day she got Sara her first camera.  It's very touching.

Tess' dog is cute.  I wish we knew what happened to it, though...

What I didn't love about this episode:
I'm not angered by this quote or anything but I would have personally reworked Monica saying "I don't have a mother."  I think she does.  God.  It's just most of us use Father more frequently but the way I see it God is the Creator and so equally Father and Mother.

Lingering questions:
I realize Charlotte wasn't in her right mind but I couldn't quite understand why she would call Tess to tell her to have Monica drop by the studio.  Why would she assume Tess would know where Monica was?  I guess we're to assume that in the two weeks this episode skips over Charlotte comes to realize that Monica and Tess are friends?

What's up with Jeff, the ex-boyfriend?  I can't decide if this guy is really kinda a jerk and opportunistic or if he just suffers from foot in mouth disease?  That's pretty low to hit Sara up about joining him on a job as she's mulling over her mother's treatment.

Why does Monica think Andrew knows so much more about Tess' use of her free time than she does?  For that matter, why does he???  I'm thinking we're missing some awful cute Andrew and Tess scenes.

Parts that made me feel swoony:
Andrew isn't in this episode enough, in my opinion.  But when he is?  Adorable!

I love his cute, sweet sarcasm when he tells Monica that when Tess is away from them she "sits in a corner and waits to be needed."  Then he furthers the cute brattiness but reiterating to Monica that she needs to "butt out." 

This is just a lil comment but the implications make me both impressed and sad.  After Charlotte attacks Sara and they're all at the hospital, Andrew appears.  Monica asks Andrew if he knew this was going to happen and he explains that he'd just dropped by the studio to see Monica.  It's another example of Andrew seeking out either Monica or Tess during his free time.  And, as usual, it gets spoiled.  Poor love.  Did they ever drop in to visit with him?

Andrew's sweater when he's in the hallway as Sara learns about Charlotte's brain tumor... very attractive.  And I do realize that's a really terrible point to feel swoony during but... I love him?  Can I just start using that as some sort of all-encompassing defense?

Andrew looks very cute at the end in his brown flannelish shirt.  Can't tell if it's really flannel or not.  And he agrees that we're amazing!  Yay!  He's amazing...

Random thoughts:
During that scene at the beginning when Monica and Tess are talking about Sara and Charlotte, they speak about parental influences and how where you came from can have such a huge impact.  It made me think about Andrew.  Or maybe I already was...  In any case, I know they were talking about Sara and Charlotte but it just made me want to delve into the implications of the bond between Monica, Tess, and Andrew.

I can remember when I first saw this I was kinda surprised they used the word "sexy."  Even more surprising?  It was applied to industrial tape.  Still, I think it's funny that I thought TBAA was so quaint that they'd shy away from the word. 

Ya just never really think about where catalog photographs come from.  Huh.

I miss going to the library.  I can't even remember the last time I was in a public library.  The Internet is great and I love that with alibris.com and such if I want a particular book I can order it and generally cheaply.  But I do miss the library experience.

This episode made me a lil concerned for myself, especially at the part where Charlotte nearly throws away the Robert Frost card.  I've felt so absent-minded lately.  Right before I sat down to watch this I turned on the wrong burner on my stove and boiled an empty pot...

Watching this I remembered sitting in school and praying for Bosnia and Herzegovina every morning for a long while.

I'm taking the following as an order: "Sometimes when the people who love us try to hurt us, the only way to find out why is to ask questions.  You know, maybe you just need to look a little deeper."  Monica says it to Sara about Charlotte but it made me think of the Andrew thing.  Not that I think Monica *tries* to hurt Andrew.  But I am going to try and dig deeper to figure out why she seems so oblivious sometimes.

A Word from Travis:
This is a great episode and Tess summed it up well when she asserted to Monica, ”Those two have been a time bomb waiting to go off for years and it finally it.” I didn’t see the part coming about the mother formerly posing nude. I was shocked by the flashback scene with the mother (when she was younger), wherein, her entire back was exposed while the nude pictures were taken; I wouldn’t think the show would’ve shown that.

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