"Something Blue"

A review by Jenni:

What I love about this episode:

First, the setting of this episode is beautiful.  Sure, L'Amore is nice enough but I mean the outdoor scenes.  Gorgeous.  It looks like heaven!

I like that this episode outright states that Andrew wanted back on caseworking.  Otherwise, the sudden shift might have gone down as another of those unexplained TBAA mysteries like how Andrew and Monica met each other in 1996 yet knew each other in the 1800s...

The cast of characters was fun.  This is actually one of the few episodes wherein the humans at least sometimes distract me from the angels.  These people kept my attention whether it was to be in awe of them or shoot them dirty looks.  :-) 

This has some of my favorite lines.  Monica's entire prayer to God is quite lovely.  And I love what Tess says about never being afraid to ask for what's right for yourself.  Too few of us take the time to do that, I think.  Finally, Kevin has a line that I love.  It's after Alison runs off and his parents ask him if he really wants to take on that baggage.  His answer: "If it will help her, yes."  Whatta guy!  Seriously, if a guy said that to me I just might have some hope of getting out from under Andrew's influence.

I really liked Kevin.  If I had to choose a human from TBAA to crush on, he'd be at the top of the list.  Beyond the baggage bit, when he comes outside just to give Alison a hug... way to be!  Nonetheless, I'm not obligated to crush on a human so I'm sticking with Andrew.

As part of Monica's prayer she admits to taking God for granted which I liked for a couple reasons.  One, I think too many of us do.  I know sometimes I've been ashamed to realize how much time can go by after something great happens before I remember to thank God.  I also liked it cause it made me ponder how she seems to also take Andrew for granted.  Which leads me to wonder... if we know someone will love us unconditionally (as God does and as Andrew seems to), how apt are we to take them for granted?  Probly a lot...  It's very unfair but yet it seems to be human (and apparently on TBAA also angelic) nature.  We agonize over keeping the support of those with whom we have complicated relationships and in doing that we lose sight of that awesome, all-encompassing, all-accepting love Someone or someone else
holds out.  It's great that TBAA gave us that to consider.

 Finally, I like this episode cause Andrew seems so happy at times!  He even calls Tess "babe."  Sure, it's weird but look at him smile!!!  Actually, he smiles a lot behind the camera in "The Journalist," too.  Maybe someone needs to get Season 9 Andrew a video camera.  Solve everything!

What I didn't love about this episode:
At some points Aunt Augusta got a lil too much under my skin.  When she tries to console Alison by referencing her own books... that was a bit much, IMO.

Alison herself got on my nerves a time or two.  Yes, I know she was going through some very difficult things but when she compares Kevin to her father and accuses him of playing the victim... she lost me there.  Poor Kevin had a right to be upset and comparing him to someone she later admits to thinking of as a villain... not nice.

Lingering questions:
This probly has a great answer but I just don't know it having never planned a wedding.  Why was Monica double-checking the guest list on the day of the wedding?  By then isn't it a lil too late to do anything?

Parts that made me feel swoony:
First, let me just say that it'd be matrimonial DOOM if Andrew ever had a hand in coordinating my wedding.  I think the resulting headline would be "Runaway Bride Flees with Glowing Cameraman."  Tess would soooo love that.  And then we could buddymoon at the Grotto of the Redemption in lovely West Bend, Iowa.  Cause I would probly need to do some penance...

This didn't particularly make me swoony but was that a leather vest he was wearing when he and the ladies met the two families?  Not sure if I think of him as a leather vest kinda guy.  Jacket, sure.  Jury's out on the vest.  But he was adorable regardless.

Andrew talking about marriage and then reciting marriage vows...  Oh, that's just...  It makes me swoony AND sad.

Random thoughts:
I actually thought that bridesmaid dress was lovely.  I liked it better than Alison's wedding gown, actually.  Although Monica's dress at the end would probly have been my favorite.  Couldn't quite tell since we only saw part of it but it looked peasant-y.

 If Monica was real I would volunteer to switch places with her.  I think it'd be an awesome idea.  I mean there she is talking about "my wedding" and we know she fantasized about being with that guy in "The Netherlands."  So she can take my humanity, I'll take her angelhood.  She can pick a guy, I can hang on befriend Andrew.  She can kiss and have kids with Shop Dude, Andrew can pat my shoulder when I get distressed and I'll hold his hand when he does.  It'll be perfect!  Right?  ;-)

A Word from Travis:
This is my favorite episode of season 3 as the scenery as well as the interactions between all the characters were attention grabbing. I do agree that Ms. Abernathy sometimes came off as annoying and intrusive rather than funny, as she was when she first appeared. While searching the actress who played Abernathy, I see that the actress (Janet Carroll) is no longer with us.

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