"A Song for My Father"

A review by Jenni:

I have a butterscotch blondie and a big ol' mug of chai and I'm off for 5 days.  Life is good!  I'm not at all panicky about the fact that the next episode in line is "The Good Earth" which is the only TBAA episode I have never seen.  And I hate thinking there aren't more out there...  By this time next week, I'll have seen all of Andrew's life that I'm ever gonna be able to see...  And one more "new" thing of John's no longer will be...  That's the hardest part.  But mostly life is good.

What I love about this episode:
Well, I think it's a good thing that it's just totally shocking to me to see the mom smoking in the house.

"The ability to touch someone's life with music is a wonderful gift.  It's as if there's a golden thread between you and the audience, and you take in their emotion and you give back your own."  Monica says that to Sarah.  I rather think it applies to actors, too.  Any artists, really.

Not gonna lie, kinda impressed with Monica's knowledge of the Offspring and Weezer.

"Don't be so anxious to grow up.  The day will come when you'll be happy to be Daddy's Little Girl."  Tess to Sarah.  I'm glad I'm grown-up.  I love my house, my dog, my own life.  But heck if what Tess said isn't also true.

I betcha Sarah's answer to Gloria re: smoking is pretty realistic.  "Me?  Smoke?  Not really... well, only a lil bit...  I'm gonna quit!"

Glad they stressed that smoking-related health issues aren't something one would only have to worry about facing somewhere down the road.  Cancer isn't necessarily gonna wait.

Sarah's dad starting to play "Hush, Little Baby" then setting his head down on the piano is so sad...  I really like that scene.  It feels very real to me.  It doesn't seem like he's the type of guy who would start crying hysterically at that point.  It's just very calm yet sad.

It's suddenly hit me that I have been the Andrew in this Retro Club scene...  Thanks to a younger friend, I've totally be
en the adult standing at the back of the club watching the kids do their weird dancing just to show my support for the singer.  Sadly for me, there's no actual Andrew standing in the back of the real club.  Sigh...  Anyhow, kinda funnily ironic that following up on Tess' line about not being anxious to grow up, it suddenly hits me that I'm definitely a grown up and not a cool, edgy kid...  Oh well.  Happy to be in Andrew's crowd.  :-)

While the mom's guilt makes me sad for her, I do think parents need to realize kids take their cues from the adults they love when it comes to something like smoking.

As someone who has some guilt issues (grew up Catholic... what do you expect???) I love that Andrew tells Paula that Sarah needs her strength and not her guilt.  Cause most times guilt doesn't accomplish anything.

"I heard you cry out to God for help and you have to decide if you really meant it because He's ready to give it to you if you're ready to receive it."  I love Andrew's line to Paula there!  I admit I've sometimes been guilty of asking God for something and then wanting to run when it actually comes. 

I like that all three of the trio get a revelation scene.

"You can still make a joyful noise unto the Lord.  You can still make music with whatever instrument you have."  I like that quote from Tess and think that it applies to music beyond melodies and harmonies.  Joyful noises can be anything that gives glory to God.

w... when her dad sings the lullaby...

What I didn't love about this episode:
It bothers me just a bit that they have 2 Monica choir stories going.  They seemed to stick with the one in which Monica was removed from the choir for lack of talent.  But I think it's in "A Joyful Noise" that she says she once did have a beautiful voice.

Parts that made me feel swoony:
Beard's gone again.  I know it's just cause the episodes were filmed in an order different than how they aired but it sure makes Andrew seem indecisive.  ;-)  However, John's cute with or without a beard so I can't complain!

I think John may be 95% responsible for my fondness for men in beige sweaters.  The other 5% is from some dude in an old Hallmark commercial I loved as a kid.  But I have a feeling if I could see that guy now, he wouldn't hold a candle to John.

If only he'd come knocking on my garage...  I swear I am not staring at a paused image of him smiling...  It's all in your head!  I had to reheat my chai... made sense to pause.

Ooh.  The green shirt and tie are very nice.  I'd invite Andrew to my concert, too...  He's lovely.  And it's lovely that he wants to go.

Good gravy!  What's he trying to do to me?!?  I love that tan jacket and scarf, too...  The whole scene between Andrew and Paula is wonderful.  John looks stunning.

I made it through the whole episode without crying and then at the end Andrew rested his head against Tess' and I lost it.

Random thoughts:
Music: Sarah and her band play "Supergirl" at the start.  Sarah's choir sings "Greensleeves."  And again later...  Twice.  It's a really beautiful piece and apparently NOT written by Henry VIII which is what I was taught.  That makes me feel much better.  The band plays something instrumental at Tess'.  "Supergirl" reprises as they do publicity for their show.  Sarah's dad plays "Hush, Little Baby" on the piano after they learn she has cancer.  Sarah sings "Supergirl" at the Retro Club.  This episode is filled with reprises.  Another comes when Sarah and her dad sing "Hush..."

I have to confess that as someone who can't sing well... it really bothers me when I see people with beautiful voices smoking. 

Ha.  When I watched this Friday night I thought the music guy simply went by the nickname the Doorman.  Now I'm thinking Dorman is his surname.  Sheesh.

Scenes Hallmark cut:
- Didn't notice anything.

Further on down the road...
Yippie!  I've actually managed to sit down to watch a TBAA episode for the first time since... Wow.  January 31st, 2016.  That was a much longer hiatus than I ever intended but beyond spending way too much time writing a story, I also adopted a second dog.  I could fill a whole page with the shenanigans that Leo's gotten into but I want to get onto the episode!  Suffice it to say, a hound puppy is loads more time consuming than I ever imagined but Danika and I love him very much.  And he's super cute... but now I'm very much looking forward to seeing someone who is cute in a very different way.  Andrew!  So here I go...

I really don't remember 2003 having so much of a 90s grunge vibe, fashion-wise.  But I guess everyone looks a lil 90s grudge once the temps drop and the flannel and such comes out.

Are the Offspring and Weezer still active?  Actually, I don't even know if the girl playing Sarah is still performing.  I am out of the loop... 

It's so weird seeing people smoke on TV.  Actually, it's weird seeing characters smoke and not feel bad about it. 

I c
an tell that I've officially become old.  Instead of wanting to be in the cool teen band, I'm wondering if I can find one and bribe them with rehearsal space if they'd clean my garage... 

Monica really did have some cool clothes in S9. 

I can relate a little to Sarah, actually.  Sometimes at work, one of my supervisors gets after me about doing something with my writing.  I appreciate the vote of confidence but I don't want to use my "gift" for business.  I just want to write what I feel passionate about. 

Really needing an Andrew scene quick here...  Yay!  Really liking the green on green tie and shirt.  It's kinda awkward that Andrew is just standing there as Gloria shares medical information but oh well!  At least it got us one more shot of the Lovely Angel.

Yay!  I think I figured out how to take screen shots from this computer.  That would make things so much easier.

Sigh...  He was so beautiful.

Confession: I sometimes sing my dogs to sleep.  It seems to calm Leo.  It's made me realize how few songs I actually have memorized, though.  "Hush, Little Baby" is not among them.

Yay!  I successfully watched a TBAA episode and the dogs didn't start acting up til about 2 minutes ago.  Now to bed with them!  And me.

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