"Have You Seen Me?"

A review by Jenni:
I only had time for one episode this weekend.  Plus, with less than 40 left now... gotta pace myself.  I chose this one for one reason: I'm obsessed with Andrew's clothes.  Even though academia isn't at all involved in this episode, for some reason he totally looks like the super-cute, young professor type to me.

What I love about this episode:

I love the shots, at the beginning and again at the end, of the angels with joined hands.  Togetherness, friendship, equality!  Yay!  I love how well balanced this episode is.  Monica sums it up at the end: "We three are better together."  This episode is testament to that.  I just wish it woulda been remembered in some later episodes...

Normally I wouldn't laugh at someone making fun of Andrew but I get the giggles when Ray tells him "Whoever set you free made a big mistake."  Ha. 

Nice quote from Monica to Hank here: "When you love someone you don't have to keep it a secret."  ::cough:: Listen  ::cough::  to your own  ::cough:: advice.  ::cough.::  Had to be said/coughed.

Grant's amazing.  Both as a character and the performance.  Prior to this I only knew Paul Crane as the grouchy, biting Dr. Romano on ER.  Totally different character here!  He's incredibly gracious and unselfish.  In his position I can't imagine so easily forgiving the Monroes for cutting corners.  And to come into their family instead of just taking Noah... wow.  That being said, I am glad he insisted that Noah would eventually know the truth.  Cause I woulda lost respect for the character if not.  Actually, the whole episode woulda fallen apart for me.  So I'm glad he made that demand.

I thought it was a nice touch to have Noah pick up his mom's talent for art.  The painting styles were even a bit reminiscent of each other which was cool.

Watching this I just kept thinking how strange a situation this would be for everyone.  Imagine raising a child and then having to give them up.  Imagine losing your baby and then finding a young boy years later.  Imagine learning your parents lied to you and worrying about losing your little brother all at once!  Really interesting characters and moral dilemmas were set up here.  I wish the episode had more time to it but I like it as it is, too.

What I didn't love about this episode:
This is not a gripe about the episode but, as with "Fear Not," with the novel version.  What would possess them to turn Hank into a girl???  It's come to my attention they turn both brothers into girls in the book "How Do You Spell Faith?" too.  Why???  Chances are the kids reading those book saw the shows so why switch genders and characters???

 Okay, I appreciate that not everyone believes in luck.  Technically, I don't even believe in it.  But
geez...  When Tess responds to the dad's comment about her having beginner's luck with "I think not," you can tell the guy then feels awkward.  It's a way of speaking!  Not everything needs to go all theological/philosophical.  Andrew then echoes the idea when he tells Grant that luck didn't have anything to do with his reunion with his son.  It only bugs me cause of the previous reference.  Downplaying luck during a serious moment makes more sense to me than forcing a point during a lighthearted moment.

I think the Monroes come off as a lil stupid.  I mean why would you hide information about your son's illegal adoption in a box with his name on it?  They've got a nice house.  Surely they can afford a locking filing cabinet!

Lingering questions:
Why have I never seen a face on a milk carton outside of TV shows?  Is that a regional thing my area's just never done?  Or is it really not very common but TV shows just jumped on it?

Am I the only one that thinks, other than the french fries, Monica's sundae might have been pretty good?  I mean you can buy cherry chocolate pop.  And mocha is chocolaty.  And sundaes involve chocolate generally.  I woulda tried it... without the fries.

Parts that made me feel swoony:
If Andrew is in a scene, I probly feel swoony.  Except for one bit where I feel a lil creeped out but that in the next section...

Anyhow, he's adorable bopping to the elevator music that Tess hates.  I like Andrew's way of coping better.  Have fun with it!

Andrew's cute when he's nervous.  And even though angels apparently aren't supposed to worry, I think he kinda does and that's why he rushes the revelation with Ray.  I like it.  Makes him more relatable... beyond the cuteness thing.

This episode offers another example of the AOD-as-witness-and-memory thing.  I think it must have been so healing for Grant to have had Andrew tell him Jenna did NOT commit suicide and to then have Grant know, beyond a shadow of a doubt, that those words came from an angel and are truthful.  Andrew's interaction with Grant, as a whole, is very endearing.  When he crouches down near Grant in the apartment... even more appealing than usual.

And, yeah, the clothes...  from the initial suit to the cozy looking blue sweater to that awesome coat and tie with the vest to the beige shirt that reminds me of "The Journalist"... swoon.  Yes, the guy looks good in just about anything but these are some awfully good ensembles.

Random thoughts:
This episode makes me nostalgic for Fenwick's.  That was a local restaurant with a 50s theme.  My friends and I loved it when we were in grade school.  Now I think it's a massage parlor.  Humph.

As usual, it weirds me out when Ray calls Andrew "son."  For one, Ray is creepy.  For another, Andrew is sooo much older.

Okay... creepy Andrew moment.  Does Andrew moonlight as a vampire and I don't know about it?  (Ha, yes a pun for my fellow ML fans.)  Reason I ask is there's a scene in Grant's apartment when Andrew seems to glide across the floor behind him.  Which really reminds me of a scene in Bram Stoker's Dracula in which the Count glides up to Harker.  It's just strange looking.  Not strange enough for me to put it in Section 2 but a lil bit.  And, yeah, I know Andrew's not a vamp.  But I also know that if he was I'd still think he was cute.  And he still woulda gotten canceled.  Sob!!!

Had an eyebrow raising moment myself when I was watching this and what looked to be a red Cadillac convertible drove by.  Sadly, it did not stop in front of my house and Andrew did not get out.  Darn.

Here we learn Andrew, like the other two AODs before him, can play the piano.  Maybe it really is a pre-req.

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