"Jagged Edges"

A review by Jenni:

I'm gonna need to rewatch this...  Andrew + baby= me day dreaming for prolonged periods of time and probly missing some finer points of the episode.

What I love about this episode:

Andrew + baby.  Enough said.

I love that Andrew is God's answer to the father's prayer to bring his family together.  Or at least part of the answer.  I'm on a big "Andrew and family" thematic kick right now.

I think it's nice that Andrew was able to tell Natalie that her father's last thoughts were of her.  It'd be so healing if we could all have someone tell us that kinda stuff instead of just wondering...

Natalie thinks Monica and Andrew are dating.  Andrew assures her they're just friends.  The shippers, apparently, have selective hearing.  Oh well.  I'm still glad he said it.

The actress playing Natalie does a really great job of keeping one's attention.  And whomever did the editing also deserves a star.  The scene where she remembers the murder/suicide attempt is riveting not just for her performance but also how the scene jumps from the flashback with the father trying to get inside as lil Natalie cries and Andrew trying to get in as adult Natalie breaks down.

Poor Natalie.  The episode doesn't dwell on it much but not only does she lose her father and learn the truth about her mother but she also learns she lost a baby brother.  I think they did a good job of revealing all these story elements, though.  Hitting Natalie and the viewer with them all at once would have been way too much.

The breakdown scene is very painful to watch.  You can feel the awkwardness of the comedy club patrons.  And, of course, Natalie losing her grip.  Again, well played, I think.

What I didn't love about this episode:
The TBAA writers wrote many beautiful things.  However... I'm not sure comedy routines are up their alley.  I didn't find any of Natalie's jokes funny.  And I can remember being less than amused by Salt and Pepper's stuff in "Cry and You Cry Alone."  And that even featured people who normally make me laugh.  So... I wish they'd given Natalie another profession.  In all fairness, though, there is some bad comedy writing out there!  Sometimes "Saturday Night Live" really thuds.  So even comedy writers can't always pull it off.

They should not have taunted us with the knowledge that Andrew set up Lily's crib without showing us Andrew setting up the crib...  Maybe they were just looking out for the sanity of the Andrew fans. 

Lingering questions:
Who called 911 when Natalie's dad died?  I got the impression that only he and Andrew were in the house.  Andrew was with him.  So did some other angel call?  Curious. 

Here an odd one:  Is it okay to put your hand on male friends' chests?  I'm just wondering cause Natalie puts hers on Andrew's and he doesn't seem put off by it.  Huh. 

Did Andrew have a babyhood of sorts?  I mean I realize he was never 9 pounds and bald but kinda psychologically infantile?  I mean we all saw Gloria newborn but was she representative of a new angel?  Or would newborn Andrew be different?  When he was (so adorably) explaining to Natalie how Lily must feel exploring such an interesting world, it made me wonder if he was speaking from personal experience.

Is it just me or does Lily gain and lose hair through out this episode? 

Parts that made me feel swoony:
For some reason I was super happy with Andrew's paint-smudged, sweats look in the opening scene.  He just looked so earthy and handy and productive and cute. 

Andrew with baby Lily!  He's such a natural!  And I don't know why that would surprise me.  God only knows how many babies he's cared for in his lengthy lifetime.  More specific swooniness to follow...

He does a baby voice!  I love Andrew's baby voice...  There should have been a spin-off.  Andrew somehow gets a baby.  Maybe an assignment passes away and leaves him with guardianship?  I would have watched that show way, way too much.

I really love Andrew's flannel shirts.  I don't think the ones in this are flannel.  They look too light.  But I like em!  So while my preference is flannel... I'm thinking I'll take any plaid.  :-)

Andrew consoling Lily when Natalie snaps at her for making noise.  Oh...  He's lovely.  When he kisses her it's so sweet.  I wonder if Lily remembered him even a lil as she grew up?  I hope so.

He reminds me of Captain Kirk when he goes in to see Natalie following her break down.  Wrong colors, I think, but that shirt totally makes me think of Star Trek

I love that black and white sweater he has at the end.  Maybe too much.  I may or may not have one very much like it that I just couldn't bear to give away following a "shop for charity" binge...  I gave everything else away, I promise!

Lily gripping Andrew's cheek...  Lily knows a good thing when she sees it.  Don't let go, kid!  Who doesn't need an extra uncle around?

Random thoughts:
Music- Play off music after Natalie's routines and whatever her mom kept playing on the piano.  I'm pretty sure it's a lullaby but heck if I can place it right now.  It's driving me nuts.  Amanda sings "Rock a Bye Baby" in the hospital at one point.

I really noticed the theme music being sped again in this one.  I didn't really in "The Anatomy Lesson" so I do think it's only some episodes that get it super-sped.

I totally creeped myself out.  I was a super-bald baby.  And Lily looked to be pretty bald (in some shots).  So I was like "Aww!  I bet it woulda looked like that if Andrew had held me!"  And then a second later I was like "Wait... no.  Weird..."  I can't quite explain why but Andrew caring for me as a baby and adult me swooning over Andrew just don't work together. 

Watching the CBS version, I noted that Gregory Harrison directed this one.  Groovy.  Good job him.

Scenes Hallmark cut:
-CBS version of Natalie's comedy routine begins with her talking about babies wailing, sounding like fire engines.  Later she goes into talking about her dad.  Hallmark starts with her talking about her dad.
-In the CBS version there's a scene of Amanda in the hospital.  Tess approaches to ask if she's taken her meds.  Amanda opens her hand to reveal she's still holding them.  She seems to think taking them is pointless.  Tess asks her to take them for her and then gives Amanda a puzzle.  I don't remember this scene in the Hallmark version at all.  Coulda been me though.
-After Natalie's breakdown, there's a brief scene of Andrew, Monica, and the manager walking through the club.  The manager tells the angels that he didn't want to get the paramedics involved because Natalie seems like a nice lady.  Andrew thanks him for calling then they enter the room where Natalie is crying.  Hallmark begins with them entering the room.

Further on down the road...
I'm watching this after spending the weekend decorating.  And... after not having seen TBAA in 2 or 3 weeks.  Well, not any TBAA with Andrew.  I did squeezed "An Unexpected Snow" in on Thanksgiving.  I've just been so busy.  But now I'm gonna sit and watch this with my salsa and chips!  R&R time!

"Everyone has to face the truth head on eventually."  All too true quote from Monica.

Okay, the beginning was hard to watch but, honestly, I did really well.  In a weird way it helps that the father's death scene has always been difficult for me because my grandpa was a handyman who died of complications from a heart attack.  So it always made me think of that long before John Dye passed away.  The fact that I'm exhausted probly also tempers my emotions.

Aww.  I just had Andrew use "little one" in a story and wondered if it seemed like him.  Well, he just used it for Lily.  Yay.  And adorable.

Is it just me or do you hear John's accent more in this one than normal?  Love it.

Someone should just give Andrew a baby.  I'd have been soooo obsessed with *that* TV show.

Hard to say without actually living the life but... I think I'd be angrier about not being told about having a baby brother who died than I would the secret of why Natalie's mom went away.

Ya know, I just realized something.  Natalie says she prayed for the first time shortly before her nervous breakdown.  And yet Monica, Tess, and especially Andrew were with her for quite some time before that.  I like that.  I know they were there as the answer to her dad's prayer but I like it when they make clear that God helps everyone... whether they believe in Him or honor Him or not.

I still can't really get into any of these comedy routines...  Oh well.  I found myself sorting email during them so that's a good thing.

Oh...  Lily touching Andrew's cheek...  I don't know who I'm more jealous of.  It is a great feeling when a lil baby reaches up for your face.  So long as they don't claw at it!

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