"Indigo Angel"

A review by Jenni:

What I love about this episode:
The first thing about this episode that got my attention was Monica trying to fix one of the lights in Club Indigo.  But instead she ends up making it slip more.  Then later Sam's spirit fixes it.  So we don't need to be freaked out by objects mysteriously moving!  It's not necessarily ghosts!  It could be angels or friendly familial spirits!  :-)

The interaction between Andrew and Monica while they're trying to solve the Countess mystery is quite cute.  Here they look like perfectly good, equal friends.  Yay!  Monica even tries to get Andrew to calm down when he starts getting worked up over being foiled in his attempts to find the Countess.  Where was this Monica during "The Journalist"???

I love how nuanced Isaac is.  He's not just some jerk kid out to get Grandpa's money.  He has legitimate reasons to want Sam to close the club.  And he outright says he wants Sam to live nearer to him.  Yet, Isaac is very stubborn, not a good listener, and a little too sure his way is the best way.  This complexity makes the character, and the plot, way more interesting to me.

I think it's funny how Andrew tells Monica no one says funk any more and then Mr. Jarreau echoes it.  Andrew knows best.

The music in this is just really awesome!  I'm obviously gonna be partial to Della Reese's songs but I enjoyed hearing all the different blues music, too.  The overall theme of this episode, "music is life" as Sam puts it, is very powerful.  Just try to imagine this episode without music.  Pretty uncool.

The shot of the coin in Sam's hand gets me every time. 

I love how at the very end the sign changes.  "Home of the Sam Brown Blues Museum" appears under the original Club Indigo sign.  Very cool.  I guess that means Isaac stayed to honor his Grandpa's memory, legacy, and love.  Nifty way to end!

What I didn't love about this episode:
Geez.  I didn't come up with anything for this section this time!

Lingering questions:
Is Andrew chewing gum when he walks on stage to give Al Hirt his bugle?  For a second it looks like he is and then it doesn't... 

Parts that made me feel swoony:
First, Andrew is not in this episode nor shall he ever be a "loser living in the cellar" as Isaac refers to him.  Humph!

My first giggly Andrew moment comes when he does that lil introductory tap dance on stage.  And then the jazz hands.  Eee!

Love the cute, uber-deep voice when Andrew is talking about Club Indigo's schedule and mentions "blues days."  He's also way cute when he laughs after Tess criticizes Monica's jokes.  But lest he seem jerky he soon after tells Monica "And I think you're gonna be great!"  We should all have Andrew around to encourage us!

"The angel of death is on hold!"  I love his dismay when whomever he's chatting with on the phone fails to recognize his greatness and puts him on hold.  I definitely woulda stayed on the line with him!  Heck, I woulda arranged an in person consultation but then ya'll probly guessed that.

Cute face when he tells the person on the phone that he has no last name.  I wonder, though, why sometimes they make one up and other times don't?

Andrew looks very distinguished when he enters with All Jarreau.  The slicked back hair in a ponytail, the long coat...  Very nice.  It's not a look I'd want him wearing all the time but... nice!  And then that black and brown ensemble later in the scene... very nice.  I'm dubbing him the Man in Black... and Brown.  Very nice look.  And with a leather vest. 

After the group finds out Tess is the Countess and Monica tears up, Andrew reaches for her hand.  He's so caring and adorable and it's obvious once again that he's a very touch-oriented person.  Which just makes me wish someone would reach for his hand more often...  Also, right after that Andrew pretty much defends Monica.  Isaac, seeing Monica crying, says that everyone's "soft in the head, "Andrew counters that they're "soft in the heart."  He is an awesome older brother type.  Monica's sooo lucky and I don't think she realizes it often.

Random thoughts:
I just realized this entire episode takes place in a single building: Club Indigo.  Other than the closing shot of the exterior, I don't think a single other shot is outside the club. 

It must be difficult to be the proprietor of a club or shop that falls out of fashion.   Looking back I can think of so many stores that, once upon a time, were packed.  I can remember bunches of angel stores.  Now I think they're all gone.  And does anyone remember pogs?  We had shops for those that were hopping places.  Then... nothing.  Obviously pogs are no where near as important as blues music, but it just makes me realize how changing fads and fashions impact people greatly.

"Candy stuff" is what Sam calls Monica's preferred mocha latte.  I wonder what he'd call the coffee I drink with all it's additives?

I get a giggle outta Monica thinking the Countess story sounds romantic.  Right...

Andrew is apparently not fond of mice.  Or at least not cohabitating with them which I guess I understand.  ;-)

Were vests a big fashion staple in the mid-90s?  Cause Andrew seems to wear em a lot more often in this season than others.  Or am I just imagining things?  I do remember Chandler on "Friends" wearing a lotta sweater vests but can't recall if that was around the same time.  In any case, I can't say I've seen any guys wear em of late.  Another S2 Andrew clothing fad that seemed to have died off by S3... those goofy priest shirts.  I remember those and never thought they were very appealing.

It would be weird to be like Isaac and find out you spent your babyhood surrounded by celebrities.

Indigo is apparently Tess' favorite color.  Good to know. 

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