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Hello!  If you're at this page then maybe you're thinking about joining JABB or already have and would like to know more about it.  We already have some pages that will tell you about the group, how it's run, etc.  For that type of information, we suggest you look at these pages:

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This page was created in hopes of sharing a little more about the philosophical and entertainment purposes of the group.  The views expressed here may not be those of every member but these outlooks are ones that are shared by the majority of the members and have stood the test of time.  We hope listing them here will help you to feel comfortable here!

1.  Obviously we love Andrew and Adam.  But please know we don’t hate any of the other angels.  Just because some of us may have engaged in conversations spanning, oh, months that revolve around Monica not supporting Andrew does NOT mean we hate Monica.  Some of us are just disappointed.  Some of us also have some issues with Rafael.  But, again, we don't hate him. 

2.  By and large, members of JABB are anti-shipper and also against stories involving angel/human couplings (ETA from Jenni in 2021: This is hilarious.  And very out-dated and wrong.  I still think Andrew and Monica make a *terrible* couple... but this was obviously written before the whole anam cara thing and I'm only leaving it here because every few years I find this page again and have a good laugh.)  Maybe we think angels romancing each other is immoral.  Maybe our religious texts go against the idea.  Maybe we’re just crazy jealous and a lil possessive of our Andrew.  Maybe we just think Andrew and Monica would make a lousy couple and that any marriage would be bound to end with him crying on a staircase and her running off with Charity Shop Dude from “The Netherlands.”  We have our reasons.  That doesn’t mean we hate shippers... we just don't like their products.  So please don’t ask JABB to show off your shipper fic.  And please don’t ask us to read it.  We enjoyed our last meal but we don’t really care to see it again.

3.  That being said...  Some of us may love Andrew in a way that maybe isn't entirely reasonable.  Our families may actually be concerned for us.  ;-)  But the point is, whether as ourselves or our Dyeland counterparts, we love Andrew just as he is.  We don't want him to become human.  We don't want him to fall in love with anyone because that would be against his nature.  JABB was created because we loved the character of Andrew on Touched by an Angel *as* the TBAA writers wrote him and as John Dye so beautifully brought him to life and we wanted to share that.  (ETA from Jenni in 2021 again: I mean it's weird to me that I ever wrote that.  Because now I have a lot of issues with how TBAA wrote various characters.  So yay for recursive canon.) 

4.  We have tons of nicknames for Andrew.  We had to put them on a T-shirt just so we’d remember them.  So if someone uses a nickname and you're wondering "Huh?  Who is that?" it's probly him.  Although Adam has a couple nicknames, too.

5.  We can get really worked up about Andrew’s emotional and mental state.  I mean *really* worked up.  Don’t worry.  We’ll eventually get over it.  For a few minutes, anyway.

6.  This one comes to us from Yvette: Some of us, well many of us, actually obsess about other things that may not even be related to Andrew or TBAA.  And either we will infiltrate your mind with thoughts of these things, or you'll think we're about as weird as they come.  Some of our obsessions include (but are not limited to) Mick St. John from Moonlight, Vincent from Beauty and the Beast, Willy Wonka (ahem..I wonder who ever could that be?), the musical RENT, our pets, teddy bears and  muppets (yes, I'm now into Fraggle Rock again), socks, green shirts and the meaning of life.  (Did I miss anything?)
It's quite the adventure, but don't worry about our weirdness, you may actually find yourself enjoying it and eventually jumping into the mixture.
But, we're a friendly crowd, albeit our eccentricities. :)

7.  This likely comes as no surprise but, while we love TBAA as a whole, we do have a pro-Andrew slant.  You may want to keep this in mind especially when reading the Episode Guide.  We love Andrew and we often discuss things mostly from his perspective.  (And if not his then likely Adam's.)  This does NOT mean that we think Andrew is perfect.  We know he has flaws and we can even pinpoint a few.  Just saying that if you're looking for a completely balanced view on TBAA with equal discussions of all the characters... we may not be it.

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