The JABB Self-Help Page

After a couple years of searching, in October of 2006 I at last found a full-time job.  While I'm glad to be there and enjoy the perks of being gainfully employed, the job has diminished the time I can spend on JABB.  So I created this page to deal with some questions I regularly get from members.  If you have a question, please check here first.  Welcome Newbies! is also a great resource, even if you're not a newbie.  If you do not find your answer or are still confused then please contact me.  Please feel free to email me any time just to talk.  I by no means mind those emails and enjoy hearing from my members.  My hopes with creating this page are only to deal with technical-type questions that I get asked repeatedly.  If you have a question you feel should be listed here, please let me know.  Thanks!

God bless,
Jenni- JABB Co-founder

General JABB Questions:

1.  Who do I contact in the event of some personal problem that effects JABB (i.e. I have an emergency and need someone here to know, another member is causing problems for me offlist, etc.)?
Contact me and I will get back to you just as soon as I can.  In the event that I am offline for an extended period of time, information will be provided about who you can contact in my absence.  If you have an issue with another member, please briefly describe the issue to me.  If I need further information I will let you know.  Do NOT post to the YG about the problems you are experiencing with another member. 

2.  I have news related to John Dye or Touched by an Angel or related.  How do I pass it on?
First, please check the JABB News and Reminders page to make sure we don't all ready know.  If it truly is news, I will get back to you and ask you to please share the news with the JABB YahooGroup if you are a member.  I will also post it on the JABB News site.  However, I will not publish anything unless reliable sources can back it up.  I will also not publish rumors about TBAA cast members' personal lives and would discourage the discussion of such rumors on the YG. 

3.  How do I submit something for a JABB newsletter?
Contact me and I will let you know if we can use your idea/work on JABB.  Please keep in mind JABB newsletters should NOT feature gratuitous violence, excessive foul language, or explicit sex scenes.  We do have other stipulations in regards to content and may not be able to accept all material.  You can read more about those stipulations on Contribute to JABB.  When in doubt, just ask! 

4.  I'm trying to get another JABB member's email address.  How do I do that?
If you are a member of the YG, you can copy their email address right out of the To: field in any emails they send to the YG.  I do not give out the email addresses of members.  If you cannot obtain their email address in that way, I will contact them for you and ask them if it would be okay to give you their email address or I will ask them to contact you.   I respect the privacy of all JABB members and this is why members' email addresses are closely guarded. 

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