Contact the John/Andrew Bucket Brigade

For all addresses below, please replace "(space)at(space)" with @.  I had to remove the @ symbols as they were making it far too easy for spammers!

To contact Jenni send an email to jenni at  This is also the address to use if you're reporting technical errors related to the web site.  You can send JABB ideas or submissions, feedback about JABB, or comments to Jenni.  If your feedback involves others (i.e. co-writers), Jenni will pass your words along to them.  Thanks!  We love hearing from you! 

If you were hoping to email a member of JABB whose address was removed or doesn't work, please email Jenni and she will see if we still have a working address for them and will forward your message along if she does.  Jenni will not provide others' email addresses without first receiving permission from them.

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