Andrew's Historical Timeline
(in progress)

We thought it was a good idea to start keeping track of all the historical events Andrew has been involved in.  This list includes what we could remember from Touched by an Angel  and also some JABB additions.  The TBAA info is in blue, JABB is in green.  When we don't have an exact date, the occurrence is listed under a heading with a span of possible years.  BIG thanks to Rebecca for helping compile this!

1244- In "The Sign of the Dove," reference is made to Andrew taking an Alfor Mason Home.  Mr. Mason was involved in building the Salisbury Cathedral in 1244 and possibly so was Andrew.  NOTE: "The Sign of the Dove" really screws up the "Andrew became an AOD in 1865" thing.  So these aren't typos.  Just unfortunate writing mistakes.

Andrew had a brief assignment on the Santa Maria.  (letter to LJA)

- According to JABB 353, Andrew gets promoted from Search and Rescue to Caseworking during this period.  This is based on the fact that Sam shows LJA an old drawing of Andrew from that period that looks "somewhat reminiscent of Leonardo da Vinci."

Andrew is one of the first fellows to play Shakespeare's Hamlet.  During that assignment is when he first meets Adam.  (JABB 197)
Sept. 1651- As a caseworker, Andrew witnessed an outbreak of witch trial accusations in Massachusetts.  Henry served as AOD.  (JABB 194-"For Thou Art with Me")

March 23, 1775- Andrew takes John Jacob Mason Home and is able to "hear" Patrick Henry's "Give Me Liberty or Give Me Death" speech.  ("The Sign of the Dove")

July 1776- In "Never Alone" found in JABB 331, Andrew tells JenniAnn that he was a pub keeper in Philadelphia around the time the Declaration was signed.  He specifically mentions serving John Adams and Thomas Jefferson.
US Civil War- "Carry On" on Author's Cut 5 involves several wars.  It mentions there being a Civil War photo of Andrew among a group of chaplains.

April 14, 1865- We know Andrew was at the Ford Theatre in Washington D.C. when President Lincoln was shot.  ("Beautiful Dreamer")

April 26, 1865- We also know Andrew was in Northern Virginia with John Wilkes Booth when he was shot and killed at Garrett's Farm.  Right after that Andrew became an AOD when he took President Lincoln Home.

Late 1800s- We don't know for sure but dialogue in "Labor of Love" kinda makes it sound like Andrew met Van Gogh during this period.

December 24, 1909- According to "It Came Upon a Midnight Clear," Andrew was with Mark Twain's daughter, Jean, In Connecticut when she died of a heart attack brought on by a seizure.
WWI (1914-1918)- Red Cross (AC5, "Carry On")

October 30, 1938- Andrew was a state trooper in Grover's Mill, NJ when Orson Welles broadcast H.G. Wells' The War of the Worlds.  Andrew dealt with the aftermath when a man was killed because of the panic.

Andrew was at Cafe Society in Greenwich Village in New York when Billie Holiday first performed the song "Strange Fruit."  ("God Bless the Child")

WWII (1939-1945):
-Chaplain (AC5, "Carry On")- This is an interesting one because I have LJA saying to Andrew "So it wasn't just during World War II that you were a chaplain?"  Whether I wrote that in reference to something I had in mind for a story or whether Andrew was a WWII chaplain in a TBAA episode, I dunno.  Anyone?)
-Red Cross- TBAA's "The Compass" and "The Sign of the Dove"
-Somehow involved with the WASPs ("The Wind Beneath My Wings")
-Spent time in Auschwitz bringing people Home.  We know he was definitely there in 1944 but not for how long and if it was the only time Andrew was there. ("Dear God")  The story "Chava" covers more of Andrew's time at Auschwitz. 

1947-late 1950s- In "Charades," Andrew takes Home at least one victim of HUAC's blacklist.

1950s (exact year unknown)- Andrew played Frog Guard #2 in the campy, sci-fi B movie Attack of the Killer Frog People from Planet Z.  Really he was there to help an actor cope with the loss of a loved one.  An embarrassed Andrew had to watch this with LJA in spring of 2010.

April 18, 1955- Andrew was with Albert Einstein when he passed away at Princeton Hospital.  ("Face of God")
Vietnam War (1955-1975):
-Chaplain (AC5, "Carry On")  Mr. Spelman, a character in "Ivy," recalls Andrew who was a chaplain with his platoon during the war.  Whether this was the same stint as is recalled in "Carry On" is unknown.
-He makes Vietnam references in "The Homecoming" although we're not clear on what he did.
-Anderson Walker says he saw Andrew in Vietnam in "Amazing Grace."
-JABB 224 references Adam returning from the Vietnam War where he served as a chaplain, medic, and reporter at various times.  Andrew, meanwhile, was trying to get some hippies to snap back to reality.  The story goes onto say that this happened *before* Andrew went to Vietnam.
-In "Safe" (JABB 313), Ben Hendricks recalls Andrew sitting with him and comforting him when he was wounded in Vietnam and waiting for his platoon to find him.
September 1990- Operation Desert Storm-  Andrew was a chaplain.  This is covered in JABB 303.
-In "In the House of the Lord" (JABB 286 and 287), a character named Jerry recalls seeing Andrew in angelic form during a battle in the Gulf.

1998- Andrew is sent to a dying Afghani woman named Fila Al-Mitra.  After the woman's death, he comforts her granddaughter.  Later, in 2012, Andrew meets that girl, Badriya, again.  Their story can be found in "Abide With Me."

9/11- Do we know if he was supposedly there in the immediate aftermath?  I know that he was working on recovery of personal effects two Christmases later according to "The Christmas Watch" but I can't remember "A Winter Carol" and whether it elaborated.  On the 10th anniversary, I wrote the story "In the Palm of His Hand" in which it's revealed that Andrew was there when the first plane hit, not understanding what was happening, and remained there searching for survivors and giving aid until the evening of September 14th when the Father made him leave for a little while.  Andrew speaks briefly about the assignment with Max in "Abide With Me."
December 21-23, 2008- Iraq War- JABB 262 has Andrew spending a few days there as a chaplain right before Christmas.  But the story also makes it clear that was at least his second stint in Iraq during that war.
Summer 2010- BP Oil Spill - Andrew worked a few cases in the Gulf States following this.  Details uncertain.  (JABB 308-"Where You Go")

Spring 2012- Andrew was in Syria, dealing with the conflict there.  (JABB 358- "Being There")

July 31, 2012-November 10, 2012- Andrew and his assignment, Max, were captured and held prisoner in Afghanistan before being rescued.  (
"Abide With Me")

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