"Nothing made by God is queer. God loves all His creations."

"A simple gesture, a hateful remark, a single word can change the world."

"God creates us all in His image. There are no second-class citizens, no minorities,
no human being greater or lesser than any other. We are all the same in his eyes."

"A perfect little soul doesn't always come in a perfect little body."

"God loves all of His creations. And that includes you, and that includes me.

"The world CAN be a different place, but only if the hearts of the people turn toward hope instead of despair, towards forgiveness instead of condemnation, and towards love instead of judgment."

"God loves you!"

The above are some of the messages Touched by an Angel gave us during its nine year run.  These are messages of acceptance, humaneness, and love.  It was our pleasure each week to hear messages like these.  We are still more gratified by the work John Dye did to promote tolerance and love.  His dedication to the cause is evidenced by his work on the documentary Journey to a Hate-Free Millennium.  We at JABB believe it is important to promote the message John Dye so strongly supported, both as a means to honor him and as a way to make the world a better place for us all.  The following is our official statement in regards to being hate-free:

The John/Andrew Bucket Brigade is proud to welcome people of all religions, ethnicities, sexual orientations, lifestyles, economic situations, ages, abilities, genders, and cultures.  We believe that our brothers and sisters are among the greatest gifts our Creator has given us.  May we do our best to show them love and to work for a hate-free world. 

*Special thanks to Glenda for designing our hate-free logo and for her suggestion that this page should exist. 
God bless,
JABB Co-founder

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