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"'Tis the gift to be simple, 'tis the gift to be free,
'Tis the gift to come down where we ought to be,
And when we find ourselves in the place just right,
It will be in the valley of love and delight."
~ from the hymn "Simple Gifts"

Hi all,

Welcome to CABB 4.  As I mentioned in CABB 3, those of us on the JABB YG voted in a poll and decided we'd like to see CABB continue.  I planned to do at least 3 a year with a memorial one falling every August 24th (Charles Rocket's birthday) for as long as JABB continues.  The remaining two (or three or four or whatever happens!) will be just for fun.  That being said, I did not intend to do CABB 4 this soon.  But when I sat down to write this year's Thanksgiving JABB, this is what came out.  I decided to follow that muse.  And considering it doesn't mention Andrew even once... seems like a CABB to me!

I'd like to dedicate the poem below to Yvette who is Adam's authoress on the YG.  It was some of her words, as Adam, that inspired this piece.  Of course, it wouldn't exist with out Charles Rocket and the team of writers and staff that brought Adam (and Tess and Alexander) to life for us.  I'm forever grateful to them.  Finally, a thanks to the other three members of the JABB Sisterhood who read this and encouraged me to send it even though it is more than a lil sappy and not at all Andrewesque.

I hope those of you celebrating have a wonderful Thanksgiving.  To those of you in Canada... consider this a very belated Thanksgiving issue.  ;-)  I had intended to do the Thanksgiving issue right in between the Canadian and U.S. dates but that just didn't happen.


God bless,

Thanksgiving 1994, 2006

Tess entered the farm, a determined gleam in her eye,
Set to find the best turkey to go with pumpkin pie.
She prowled through the ranks of gobble-gobblers,
Trying to decide which of those turkeys would be hers.
It had to be large, plump, and juicy down to the last bite
To be fit to be served at her table Thanksgiving night.
At last Tess' predatory gaze fell on her chosen bird.
The farmer grabbed him, pulled him away from the herd.
Tess gave him her money and then picked up the pen.
She carried him out to her car and drove away then.
The turkey he sat in that caddy and stared up at the sky.
And in his heart he just wanted to get away and fly.
But it was Thanksgiving and he knew what that meant.
In a few short days his poor turkey life would be spent.
But our brave turkey sat there, ready to meet his fate:
To be served on a platter with stuffing and with gusto ate.
The caddy arrived at the house where Tess was staying.
Now she only needed to find someone fit for turkey-slaying.
That turkey wondered slowly from place to place
Just relishing the moments before he entered Grace.

Days later Tess went to find the newly arrived angel of death.
Who better to be there when the fowl took his last breath?
Tess asked for some help but Adam was quick to decline.
He'd made friends with his Alexander and could not dine.
Well Tess, she got angry but Adam stood his ground.
He smiled when he heard that dear gobbling sound.
But on this matter Tess would not back down.
Poor Adam's dear face fell into a deep frown.
When she left he knelt beside his new feathered friend.
It seemed to him in that moment a friendship would end.
Alexander, it seemed, was now destined to be cooked.
Resigned he gave a weary gobble and up he looked.
He searched Adam's face with blue-gray eyes so sad.
Adam sighed, “I'll always remember the fun times we had.”
The thing was Adam didn't want to be an annoying pest
It wasn't so often that an AOD was a welcomed guest.
And for so long he'd considered himself Tess' Angel Boy
He didn't want to lose that title by being the one to annoy.
Adam bowed his head, letting slip one manly tear then two,
Said “I guess I better do what I was brought here to do...”


Somewhere all at once both Far and Near, Someone saw.
God looked down on the angel and said “Awww.”
(Cause even the Father is sometimes a bit sappy.)
He just knew He had to make His boy happy.
“Adam, my child, do not just sit there and cry.
Your turkey will not for Thanksgiving dinner die.
I created all from nothing so this is simple stuff.
Do what I say and the meal will be up to snuff.”
Adam laughed as he listened to the divine recipe.
Turkey-like substance would on the menu be.
Dinner went well though Tess was more than annoyed.
But Alexander, well, our turkey hero was overjoyed.
He'd made it through Thanksgiving with angelic aid.
And also a very amusing and kind friend had been made.
For years Adam doted on his beloved feathery pet
Eventually he introduced him to the Dyeland set.
Now twelve years have passed and they're friends still.
But Alexander he's well over the proverbial hill.
Each day Adam cares for his dear, aging pet.
And remembers that fateful day they met...

Adam sits in his yard, hand-feeding his bird,
Telling him of assignments both nice and absurd.
He smiles as, once finished, Alexander waddles away.
And Adam praises the Father for another blessed day.
And on the eve of another Thanksgiving feast,
Adam thanks God for his  friendly feathered-beast.
But a part of him cringes still, recalling Tess' anger.
He just wishes he didn't feel so distanced from her.
He guesses his rebellion then still makes her mad.
But right now he's too tired to feel too very sad.
Alexander watches as his savior drifts to sleep.
He quiets so as not to make so much as one peep.
He figures poor Adam must have had quite a day
To end up falling deep asleep on a bale of hay.
But the bird's silence soon becomes hard to maintain
When Tess enters the yard, her face full of disdain.
She clucks her tongue as she remembers Adam's trick.
But then her expression changes in a moment so quick.
She spots her fellow angel, sleeping outside on the straw.
Overcome with emotion, Tess regrets her past hurtful flaw.


Hours later Adam wakes to his turkey's morning call.
With a restful smile, Adam stretches so very tall.
It's then that he notices the red coat with the angel pin.
All night it had been tucked around him, feet to chin.
“Tess' coat... but why is it here?” he ponders aloud.
“I left it,” Tess answered softly, smiling so proud.
“I'm sorry I got angry all those twelve years ago.
I guess when it came to you two I just didn't know.
I see now it was wrong to try to take your friend away
All those many years ago, on that Thanksgiving day.”
Watching, Alexander is joined by another winged guest.
On a near by oak tree a white bird softly comes to rest
Two birds watch as the older angel tries to make peace.
“Please know, baby, my love for you never did decrease.
You were always my Angel Baby and so dear to my heart.”
Adam lets the words in, replaying them in his mind, part by part.
Tess holds open her arms and hugs Adam so very tight.
And Adam knows at once that everything will be all right.
As a heavenly dove coos and an old turkey gobbles away,
Two friends make their peace on another Thanksgiving day.

Happy Thanksgiving!!!

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