"The most wasted of all days is one without laughter."
~~e.e. cummings

Hi all,

Welcome to CABB 15 which is our annual observance of Adam's completely made-up birthday!  ;-)  It's also Canadian Thanksgiving so a very happy Thanksgiving to our Canadian members and visitors!  Technically, both these occasions fall on October 10th but for simplicity's sake, I'm sending today.

Enjoy!  Big thanks to Cindy, Rebecca, and Yvette for their help!

God bless,

I thought there was no better way to mark the joint celebrations of Adam's observed birthday and Canadian Thanksgiving than with a list of reasons folks are grateful for Adam.  So... here are some real life ones and a few words from our Dyelanders, too!

Reasons We're Grateful for Adam

From Yvette:

...if if weren't for him, I'd still be eating turkey.  (Just kidding)

...he has a way of reminding me not to take anything (even death) too seriously.

...he reminds me that all good things are like a fine wine, they improve with age (ie, the differences from season 1 to season 9) so I shouldn't dread getting older, but embrace it.

...he plays piano very well, and when he sings 'Sunrise, Sunset', I literally get goosebumps.

...he marches to the beat of a different drum, and that reminds me that everyone, even angels, are individuals and should not be judged or criticized for being what they are.  This is really valid to me because I was always told to think about what others think of me...Perhaps it was more important to not put so much emphasis on them.

...he's not afraid to stand up to authority for following his conscience.

...he is confident in himself and won't let someone talk down at him.  That is also important.

From Cindy:

I am grateful to Adam for working with Andrew on different assignments.  They make a good team of Angels.

From Rebecca:

I am grateful for Adam because he was funny.  He brought a bit of dry humor to AOD and he was quite humorous.  Adam had a w
ay of stepping into a situation and lightening it up a little.

From Jenni:

I'm grateful for Adam keeping me amused when my dad had to go to the Emergency Room back in 1994.  (He was totally fine... my dad, I mean.  Although Adam's pretty fine in his own way, too.  ;-)

I'm also grateful to Adam for intriguing me.  My earliest memories of TBAA involve him so I think he may have been what anchored me to the show.  And if he hadn't... I may never have known who Andrew was and may then never have followed John's career.  And that would be terribly sad!

I'm grateful to Adam for introducing me to the yummyness that is TLS.  It's a real thing!

From Lady JenniAnn:

I'm grateful to Adam for his willingness to take the time to explain the mysteries of the male angelic mind to me.

I'm just so thankful to Adam and Andrew and Henry and Eli and all the AODs just for making us all feel safe and loved.

From Monica:

I'm grateful for Adam's attentiveness to my clothing.  That mini-skirt really was much too short...  He was right.

I'm also thankful for Adam's willingness to share his many talents with us.  I happen to think he plays the piano brilliantly.  And sometimes he even lets me sing along.

From Andrew:

I'm grateful for Adam's willingness to help his fellow AODs out.  I looked for his advice a lot when I was first starting out and sometimes I still do.  Thank you, buddy.

I'm grateful for the way he makes me laugh and do things I might not try otherwise... like dreadlocks.  0;-)

I'm also real grateful for his continued help in keeping our ages forever a mystery to the girls. 

From Alexander:

Gobble, gobble.  Gobble.  Gob-gob-gobble.  (Translation: I'm grateful to Adam for saving my life.)

Okay... now let's see how well you know the birthday boy by taking this quiz..

How Well Do You Know Adam?

The following questions are taken both from TBAA and JABB's extended story.

1.  Which special crafting talent does Adam possess?
A.  Macrame
B.  Knitting
C.  Quilting
D.  Origami

2.  Which has Adam never dressed as for Halloween?
A.  King Arthur
B.  Grapes
C.  Indiana Jones
D.  Ghostbuster

3.  In "The Root of All Evil," who did Adam help take Home?
A.  Fr. Madden
B.  Mike
C.  Pete
D.  Jake

4.  If all had gone according to the original plan, Adam would have taken this lady out for a date.
A.  Kate
B.  Beth
C.  Tess
D.  Jackie

5.  Adam invented a Dyeland version of which of the following games?
A.  Monopoly
B.  Spin the Bottle
C.  Pin the Tail on the Donkey
D.  Poker

6.  In which episode do we get to see Adam play the piano... briefly?
A.  "The Sign of the Dove"
B.  "Cassie's Choice"
C.  "Fear Not!"
D.  "An Unexpected Snow"

7.  This is a tough one... which is NOT the title of an AOD Band album?
A.  Songs for Monica
B.  Big Circle of Light
C.  Don't Fear Us
D.  Hair and Other Hits

8.  Which of the following was at one point an assignment of Adam's?
A.  Angela Evans
B.  Claire Greene
C.  Nicholas Freeman
D.  Tim Porter

9.  This is the first episode in which, however briefly, we glimpse Adam actually not wearing a tie.
A.  "Fear Not!"
B.  "Fallen Angela"
C.  "I Will Walk With You"
D.  "The Root of All Evil"

10.  Adam and this character once discussed baseball.
A.  Wayne
B.  Nick Morrow
C.  Serena
D.  Earl Rowley

11.  Which has never been used by a Dyelander as a nickname for Adam.
A.  Luscious
B.  Chuckles
C.  Tevye
D.  Cutie Pie

12. This is the name of Adam's island in Dyeland.
A.  Tarryville
B.  Turketon
C.  Tourkia
D.  Tevyesen

13. In his very first episode, Adam informs Monica that this woman, said to be dead, is very much alive.
A.  Christine
B.  Crystal
C.  Catherine
D.  Cassandra

14.  During a disagreement with Tess, Adam once appealed to the wisdom of this Founding Father.
A.  Thomas Jefferson
B.  Ben Franklin
C.  John Adams
D.  George Washington

15.  One of Adam's most loved tasks is that every year for the last several, he's gotten to pretend to be this person and bring joy to children.
A.  The Great Pumpkin
B.  The Easter Bunny
C.  The Tooth Fairy
D.  Santa Claus

Now tally up your results...

1. b, 2. c, 3. a, 4. b, 5. b, 6. d, 7. c, 8. a, 9. d, 10. d, 11. b, 12. c, 13. a, 14. b, 15. d

If you got 1-5... You're an Adam Amateur.  Well, you may not be the biggest Adam fan out there.  But lucky you!  You get to spend time learning more about this fantastic fellow!

If you got 6-10... You're among the Adam Admirers!  You know your stuff about TBAA's first angel of death!  So grab yourself a TLS sandwich, kick back, and enjoy some of this beloved angel's antics.

If you got 11-15... You're an Adamaholic.  And you probly read waaaaay too much JABB.  But that's okay cause we all know angels of death are a good looking bunch and who wouldn't want to spend their days watching and reading about Adam and Co.!?!  Surely no one with any sense!  ;-)  Good job!

Happy birthday, Adam!!!

This newsletter is dedicated to both Charles Rocket's and John Dye's abilities to take on something as potentially scary as death and help us realize that leaving this world merely means going Home... hopefully with someone as lovely as these two gentlemen.


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