So you want to know what everyone else has been saying about JABB?!

Here's a link to our oldest guest book. CLICK HERE!!

Here's a link to our older guest book. CLICK HERE!!

And as of December 30, 2003 we had to add yet another guestbook. You can view those entries below. CLICK HERE!

And then... the next guestbook got overrun by spammers (hence not being represented here) in addition to becoming a playground for my siblings (even more reason for it not to be here!)  Then the company up and closed, anyhow.  So...

*Then* it came to my attention that a guestbook feature came free with the 1&1 package that hosts JABB.  So to sign/view that: CLICK HERE!

Only that last one is still active and you're welcome to sign it.

Thank you,

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