You've been touched by an angel!

Hello!  If you're at this page you most likely found one of the handmade angels we've scattered around the world.  And we're glad you did!

Who are we?  We're members of the John/Andrew Bucket Brigade.  JABB is a group of fans of Andrew, a character from the show "Touched by an Angel" that was produced from 1996-2003, and John Dye, the actor who played him.  While we love Andrew, we love TBAA's message even more.  And that message is this...

God loves YOU!!!

Inspired by the show, we decided we wanted to help get that all-important message out.  Many of our members volunteered to drop angels bearing that message around the places they visit.  And that is how your angel came to be with you!  We sincerely hope our angels have touched your life and brought you hope.  If you'd like to share with us how you found your angel, we'd love to hear from you!  You can contact us at or, if you'd rather, you can sign our guestbook here.  We're not trying to sell you anything.  We're not pushing a particular religious agenda.  We won't even try to recruit you into our lil celebrity crush group.  ;-)  We just want you to know God loves *you.*

God bless!
Jenni (JABB's Co-Founder) and Members of the John/Andrew Bucket Brigade

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