Hi all,

An easter egg you can participate in!  So clearly Andrew needs help choosing last names!  Below are a few I thought Lady JenniAnn would be keen to suggest.  Feel free to contact me with further suggestions and I'll try to use as many as possible during Andrew's future assignments!

God bless,

Dyelander Approved Surnames for Andrew

From Lady JenniAnn:

1.  Darcy- Who doesn't want to spend time with Mr. Darcy?  Especially when he's Andrew!

2.  Heathcliff- Like me, LJA just reread Wuthering Heights so would come up with this one if for no other reason than it gives her the chance to run around screaming "I am Heathcliff!!!"

3.  Starbuck- No, not an ode to her beloved coffee.  I would guess LJA would want to reflect Andrew's literary tastes along with her own.  So why not reference the first mate from Moby Dick?

4.  Tennyson- Andrew Tennyson has a nice ring to it.  Plus, LJA can sound literary by saying "I'm reading Tennyson" and people won't have to know she's actually rereading Andrew's old letters... not the works of the great poet.

5.  Astor- Andrew Astor has nice alliteration.  But LJA would pronounce it as "ah store" and not tell anyone it means "my darling" in Irish Gaelic.  ;-)

Got more?  Send em this way!