In the story JenniAnn tells Monica that she doesn't find ending a phone conversation with Andrew with "Peace out, Blonde Dude!" to feel very natural.  It got me thinking what some other stupid phone conversation tidbits with Andrew might be...  So here goes:


"Can you hear me now?"

"What do you mean you're eloping with Monica!?  Darn, I accidentally called stupid shipper fic Andrew and not the real Andrew, didn't I?  Oops...  Piece of advice dude: get some good life insurance."

"Hey, I'm back, Rose.  So he, like, totally, has the first three buttons undone and looks totally hot and...  Oh, hey, Andrew.  I, umm, guess I hit the Flash button twice, didn't I?  Oopsie daisy!"

"Arrivederci, home skillet!"

Oh and I spose you can have your gold star now...  ;-)  He's lovely...