A CD Recommendation from Yvette

Performer name:  Fool's Garden

CD Title:  Ready for the Real Life (Note from Jenni: Amazon seems to only offer this as an used product so you may want to shop around.)

Genre(s):  Pop / Rock

Your own words on why you're recommending this CD:  I have seen this group perform their hit ‘Lemon Tree’ live and most people here in Germany know this song like the back of their hand.  The deal is, like any singer with a ‘signature song’, they get overlooked and considered a ‘one hit wonder’ just because.  Now, with the release of this CD, I know that there is really much more out there than just ‘Lemon Tree’. I actually prefer this collection of music to their last one because of the various styles of their songs.  My favorite song in this CD is probably ‘Count on Me’, and considering that these guys are German and write their lyrics in English, they really hit home with some super great lyrics like:  ‘In your smile, in your eyes, I can see so much of my life, let your dreams always be, I’ll be there for you whenever you need, count on me.  Their other song, ‘Dreaming’, which is included as a bonus track is just a fantastic song to add.  Of course, some of the other songs like ‘Cook it a While’ might leave your eyes rolling because of the cuckoo clock sounds in it, but truly the songs are fun, the melodies really good, and the music just enjoyable.  Of course that’s just me, though.  I will also admit that their quoting Neale Donald Walsch in one of their album covers did help to turn me on to their work.  :-)  But, they really are an enjoyable group with a unique style.

(Background graphic is another photo I [Jenni] took at Lauritzen Gardens.)