Jenni's JABB 192 Playlist aka music heard at "The Trialies"

Wasn't sure what to do with this play list since none of the songs that come to mind when I think "jail" ("Jailhouse Rock," "Folsom Prison Blues," "Close Every Door") are available on Amazon.  I did a search using the word "free" but wasn't happy with the majority of hits I got with that.  Instead I opted to go for a bluesy/jazz sorta vibe as opposed to a theme.  So here's what Lady JenniAnn may have chosen to play at her Trialie awards.  Hope you enjoy!

1.  "The Starbucks Blues" ~ Papa Joe Grappa
(I wasn't drinking Starbucks when I caffeine ODed but, still, this seemed appropriate :-)

2.  "Set Me Free" ~ Irma Thomas
(Could be an anthem for some of the more sappy, obsessive Dyelanders.  Really I just liked the sound.)
3.  "Prison Cell Blues" ~ Eyran Kacenelenbogen
(8 minute instrumental piece with an appropriate title, I thought!)

"To Me" ~ Denise Lisenby
(*So* wish I'd had this last year for the actual murder trial story.  The broken sound of it sooo makes it appropriate as the Dyelander theme song during Andrew's trial.  Cause I think we all agree that would be really, really tough-going.)
5.  "St. James Infirmary Blues" ~ Beth Scalet
(Just one of the most famous blues songs.  Not particularly relevant but a good listen, IMO.  Very, very sad.)
6.  "I Know Prayer Changes Things" ~ Irma Thomas
(This just seemed to me like a song they woulda had Tess sing on the show.  And since "Nor Iron Bars" is rather prayer-heavy it seemed even more appropriate.  Although Jesus gets a couple shout-outs which TBAA generally seemed to redo those lyrics [Wayne Watson's "For Such a Time as This"].)
7.  "Let the Good Times Roll" ~ Big-T and the Bada Bings
(Just wanted to end on a definite up note!  Woo hoo, Andrew and Dyeland made it through!  ;-)