"Crisis of Faith"

A review by Jenni:

What I love about this episode:

I like this episode cause it gives me a good excuse to bring out a term from my Theatre Appreciation class: in medias res.  This episode starts in medias res, which basically means it starts in the middle of the plot.  Nice technique in general, I think, and
TBAA's use here is no exception.  You want to know who is in the hospital bed and why.  And I think it's sweet that Monica at first worries that the accident was her fault.  See, I do feel for her and genuinely like her at times!

Moving on, I'm impressed with anyone who wants to bless Andrew's mind and heart.  So, yeah, I like the pastor for that.  Surprised?  Then you must not know me.  :-)

I have a couple things I really appreciated as far as the guest characters.  First, I love the part where Gloria, the pastor's wife, tells Tess how if she'd only gotten the aspirin or only done this or only... her son wouldn't have died.  It's very sad but very relatable.  Who among us hasn't played a cruel "what if..." game like that with ourselves?  And Tess addresses these concerns very well.

Second, I like that instead of having the pastor go completely athiest he becomes a man angry at and distanced from God.  I suppose it all has to do with one's own experience but being angry at God under those circumstances is much more realistic and relatable to me. 

What I didn't love about this episode:
My one and only gripe is Karen's father.  That guy sent up some serious red flags with me and I think the pastor or someone shoulda spoken to him.  I mean he's speaking for his wife, cutting his daughter off, bossing Karen around, practically pulls his wife after him at one point, etc.  When Karen confesses she's afraid to tell her dad about everything I'm thinking "I would be, too!"  I think the writers let that guy off a lil too easy.

This is by no means a gripe but not a particularly enjoyable moment for me so I'm putting it here.  Seeing Andrew in Karen's mirror creeps me out.  I have no idea why.  I do know I had a couple dreams about 4 years back in which I looked into a mirror and saw Andrew behind my shoulder.  But I can't recall if my aversion to this scene predated or postdated those dreams.  Just an odd moment for me.

Oh and I'm also a lil iffy on the stopping time thing as when Monica speaks to the pastor on the basketball court..  I just can't make up my mind on whether I think that's all fine and dandy or a little weird.

Lingering questions:
Seriously, whatever happened to Tess' dog?  And what was it, anyhow?  I don't think it was mortal cause it disappeared at the end like the angels.  So is God making angels in dog form or was it a spirit dog (lived on earth and then died)?

Did someone with TBAA have an issue with reporters?  I mean this one was just plain slimy!  And then not too long before this episode there was "The Journalist" with an over-zealous Rocky and that jerky guy she did the news with.  What's that about?

Parts that made me feel swoony:
Andrew has me pretty much right off the bat with handling the Algebra homework.  That boy should be glad he doesn't live in the real world and I don't have his number.  Cause I'd still be calling for Algebra help even though I've not taken a Math class since 2000.

In another moment that makes me wish I was Monica, when Andrew tells Monica she can't blame herself for Luke's death...  Just something about him comforting her makes me jealous.  And it makes me want to hug him since she doesn't always reciprocate.  We should all have Andrews.

I also loved when Andrew confronted Karen and asked her if she needed to talk.  She turns him down but he doesn't leave it there and asks if she needs to cry.  Gah, he's just so caring.  Course, then my inner voice says "Do *you* need to cry?"  Sometimes I think S3 Andrew video should be played to S9 Andrew.  It may help him out, poor love.

Andrew quoting Ecclesiastes is very nice.  I wish we'd gotten to hear more.  Andrew shoulda read and recited stuff more often cause it's lovely when he does.

Finally, his sigh of relief when Karen walks off the roof with the pastor...  I wanna hug him.  He's so lovely.

Random thoughts:
I wanted to hear Andrew's sermon!!!  At one part, right before Andrew confronts Karen, some guy says Andrew gave a good sermon for a non-preacher and I wanted to hear it!!!

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