"A sense of humor... is needed armor.
Joy in one's heart and some laughter on one's lips is a sign
that the person down deep has a pretty good grasp of life."
~ Hugh Sidey

Hi all,

Yay!  It's once again time to celebrate Adam's birthday!  So here's a lil tribute to TBAA's original, turkey-supporting, show tunes-singing AOD.  I hope ya enjoy what's here!

Big thanks to Rebecca for writing the questions to Andrew!

God bless,

PS- Happy Thanksgiving to our members in Canada!

Q and A with Andrew: The Adam Edition

Hello everyone,

I'm glad to be doing this feature again.  And on such a great day!  Happy birthday, Adam!  I hope you have a great day, buddy! 

In honor of my friend and yours, I wanted to answer the following questions which I recently received.

Your friend,

Q: Hi Andrew,  How long have you and Adam known each other?

A:  ::chuckles::  Well... I'm not sure I can answer that.  As you probably know, Adam's and my ages are much sought after bits of trivia.  So I'm afraid if I say too much, it will be used against us.  0;-)  But let's just say that when I first saw Adam, he was with a woolly mammoth.  But I'm not saying whether the mammoth was living or not. 
Q:  Does he really just drink orange juice or does he really mix it with something a little stronger?  Maybe some Kentucky corn juice?  Does he occasionally add a little aged grape juice in?

A:  You know, it was actually me who started mixing stuff in with the orange juice.  Ginger ale, specifically.  If memory serves, Adam called me a "wild man" for it.  But don't let him fool you.  He can get pretty adventurous.  I don't remember ever seeing him mix corn juice or any kind of grape juice with it.  But one time an assignment told him about the wonders of Red Bull.  So he mixed that with orange juice...  I thought Monica after three espressos was a sight to behold but that... wow.  I don't think he's mixed the two or sipped Red Bull since.
Q:  Do you and Adam ever take vacations together in your time off? 

A:  You know, we haven't gone on vacation just the two of us in well over a century.  But we did take a cruise in August with some of the others.  And I would just like it made known that the dreadlocks were mostly Adam's idea.  Tess, you reading this?  His idea.  0;-)

Q:  I understand that you are a big football fan.  Is Adam as well?   I myself am a big baseball fan and I guess I have to go with the Yankees since my Redsox aren't in it this year.  

A:  Like you, Adam prefers baseball.  But I've never known him to have a favorite team.  I think he just likes to watch the game unfold.  He also throws a pretty mean pitch.
Q:  Does Adam really like turkeys? 

A:  Oh yeah.  I think his flock is going to hit 100 one of these days. 
Q:  Even though Adam appears a little sarcastic at times, I bet he is lots of fun because he seems to have a wicked since of humor.

A:  You're right there!  Sometimes I wish I had a little more of Adam's sense of humor.  He really knows how to have a good time and that's important in our line of work.  We need to focus on the positive and the joyful things in life.  Adam's great at that and I'm thankful to him and to the Father that I can count him as a friend.

And now...

Ask a Stupid Question, Get a Stupid Answer: All About Adam

Just for anyone who has joined us since the last time we did this feature: In the beginning of JABB, I regularly got emails with questions that were just... I'm gonna be blunt... stupid.  Most revolved around whether I was Mr. Dye (this despite multiple places on the site stating I was not him and was, in fact, a teenager named Jenni) or whether I could give them tidbits about his personal life (even if I had them [didn't]... no).  But, occasionally, I'd get some questions about TBAA and its characters.  So I introduced this feature as a way to cope without banging my head on a desk.  Thankfully, the actual stupid questions dried up so we've been making them up for a while.  But these... the first two are actually based off things I've seen pondered on TBAA boards over the years.  Yikes.  Anyhow, do NOT take the answers seriously.  They are, as the title suggests, as stupid as the questions.  :-)  --Jenni

Q.  Is Adam supposed to be the same person as Adam from Genesis?

A: Yep.  Adam is, indeed, the first man.  See... usually angels are created and not dead humans.  But Adam owed his first wife, Lilith, a bunch of alimony.  And he just couldn't pay it off in one mortal life time.  So he had to take on the AOD gig to make some money.  Also, he needs it to fund Cain's anger management classes.  And also his suit collection.  Suits are much more expensive than leaves, as you can imagine. 

Q:  Wouldn't Tess and Adam make a great couple?

A:  Sure.  Because I think it's always a good sign that two people are meant to be together when one enjoys playing piano and the other tells him to knock it off.  And, like we all know, when a man and woman are close they obviously MUST wind up romantically involved.  I mean there's just really no other alternative!  Like they could actually just be true, platonic, loving *friends.*  Right...  Maybe Alexander could be ring-bearer.

Q:  Is Adam on Facebook?  Will he be my Farmville friend?

A:  Sure!  Cause Adam has absolutely nothing better to do than harvest fake crops and tend fake animals.  He's obtained mastery on over 40 types of crops!!!  But watch out... he will steal your fake turkeys and bring them over to his Adam's Turkey Haven Farmville.  And he also sends waaay too many status updates when he achieves a new level in that mafia game.

Q:  If I turn off the lights in my bathroom, stare into the mirror, turn around three times, chant "Adam the AOD," and do a jig... is it true that Adam will appear in the mirror and grant me three wishes?

A:  Yes...  But don't let the secret out.  Shhh...  I'm still waiting for my pot of gold, TBAA Season 5 DVD set, and a Starbucks in my basement and I don't want him to get angry and not send them...


Okay... in all seriousness... happy observed Adam's birthday, everyone!  I hope ya'll have fun thinking back on TBAA's first AOD and the message he and his successors brought us... God loves you and life never ends! 

Happy birthday, Adam!!!


JABB 311

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