"May you live all the days of your life."
~ Jonathan Swift

Hi all!

Today we're celebrating Adam's birthday!  God only knows how old he is but I suspect if we had to buy enough candles, even combining incomes, we'd go bankrupt!  :-)

In honor of the occasion, I've added Adam's photos from "The Root of All Evil" to JABB's Adam Photo Gallery!  Love the lovely long hair!  I also updated our index page for the weekend.

Unfortunately, we can't actually celebrate with Adam (though we can certainly celebrate him!) so I think I'll turn this over to the folks who can: the Dyelanders!

But, first, a very happy and blessed Thanksgiving to all our Canadian friends!

God bless,

Birthday Wishes to Adam from His Friends in Dyeland

Happy Birthday Adam.  I'm sure you're going to have a wonderful day.  Don't worry, I'm making a special meal and dessert for one of my best taste testers. 
Lady Beth


Happy Birthday buddy.  Man, those years fly by as we get older.  Maybe we can have a jam session in honour of your birthday.  All the best. 


Dear Adam,

May this coming year bring you many blessings.  You have come to mean so much to each and every one of us.  From our oldest denizen to the tiniest child, you have brought a smile and lent a hand to all. 

Like you, I care a great deal about my loved ones in Dyeland.  I would like you to know that it brings me much comfort when I know you are there.  Your good humor, brotherly assurances, and dependability are blessings to us all.

Be well, my friend,


Dearest Adam aka Luscious,

I feel like we don't say it enough and I just want you to know that we are all so glad that you're a part of our lives!  Whether we're like Tess or Andrew who have been blessed to know you for uncountable years or humans whose brief lives have been profoundly and beautifully changed by your friendship, none of us would be the same with out you!  You've taught us to stick up for what's right, to defend the voiceless, and to beware of chandeliers.  ;-) 

You're not only Luscious but beautiful, too!

Happy birthday!



Hey there, Adam,

Happy birthday!  You don't look a day over a million.  ;)  I hope the turkeys are treating you well on your special day.  Can turkeys prepare breakfast in bed?  On second thought... would you want a breakfast prepared by turkeys?  I guess you and I have a long, long time to ponder that.  You make immortality look good.



Hey there, buddy!

Happy birthday, Adam!  Since this is only the third year we've celebrated your birthday, I guess that makes you 3.  You're a very well behaved toddler.  Usually.  0:-)  I'm glad you're really much, much older than that because you've been a very important part of my life for so many years.  I can't imagine missing out on a single one of them.

Some days when I'm really struggling with an assignment, I find myself thinking back on some of those great Adam moments.  Even when you're not there you can make me laugh with only a memory.  The thing is, you're always there during the hard times, too.  We all appreciate that.

I'm glad we'll be able to appreciate that for an eternity.

Your brother,

Now an excerpt from today's Dyeland Daily Gazette...

Adam Celebrates Birthday Amid Turkeys and Friends

By: Andrea Friend

Tourkia, Dyeland-- Returning to Dyeland following an assignment, Adam was welcomed back with open arms... and wings. 

"It's always great to come back to Dyeland but coming back on my birthday?  I'm learning that's even more special," the angel of death commented as he surveyed his festively decorated yard and home. 

Among the surprises awaiting Adam was a kitchen table completely redone in a turkey motif.  "Turkeys every where but on the plates!" Lady JenniAnn explained as she showed off the tablewear.  "We have turkey napkins, turkey napkin rings, turkey clay cups made by the Tunnel kids, a turkey table cloth, a lil girl turkey salt dispenser and a lil boy turkey pepper dispenser, etc.!  And look at this adorable plush turkey centerpiece Yva made!"

The birthday boy will have no problem coming up with meals to enjoy at his turkeyfied table.  Other gifts included turkey-shaped quiches lovingly baked by Lady Beth and her prize student, Henry, chocolate turkeys from Willy's factory, and turkey-themed sugar cookies baked by Rose and her Aunt Josephine.  It is assumed Adam will have no problem eating these culinary presents given none include actual turkey meat.

Adam's fellow angel of death, Andrew, was among the last to present his birthday gift to his friend.  Looking disheveled and slightly out of breath, Andrew appeared around noon. 

"I thought it would be fun to take Adam's turkeys' feet... claw?... talon? prints in plaster," he was overheard to say.  "I had an assignment at a school and the pre-K kids made some hand prints for their grandparents.  It was very cute and seemed simple..."  The blonde angel of death paused to run his hand through his hair.  "It turns out turkeys don't like you trying to stick their feet in plaster.  Do I have plaster in my hair?"

The birthday boy was highly amused by the state of his friend and touched by his determination.  Chuckling, he held up the plaster plaque Andrew and the turkeys had created.  "This is really great, buddy.  Look at how tiny Ted's latest brood's foot prints still are!"

This reporter must state you have not lived until you have seen a grown man get misty-eyed over turkey footprints.  In the words of several guests: "Awww!  So cute!" 

Celebration of Adam's birthday is expected to give way to the Canadian Thanksgiving celebration at Lady Beth's tomorrow.  It will certainly be a weekend of parties in Dyeland.

"I love celebrating my birthday right before Thanksgiving," Adam opined.  "Because today I'm feeling very, very thankful for all the people in my life.  So thank You, Father.  This is all truly impressive."


JABB 284

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